Balaji ATV Adventure

Balaji ATV Adventure – The Real Jungle ATV in Bali

Balaji ATV Adventure is one of the atv riding activities in Ubud Bali. This is an atv provider with the longest natural track ever in Bali. Located in a rural area far from the center of the crowd. About 30 minutes from the tourist area of Ubud to Kintamani.

With natural rural panoramas and hilly tracks, it is the best choice for thrilling activities. Especially the atv quad bike tour. Together with experienced ATV guides, they will ensure that every trip on your ATV is safe and enjoyable.

Even though the location is a little far from the center of Ubud, this place to play atv in Bali is very safe because it has a track that is only used by balaji atv adventure. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

long trails are the right choice to try, balaji atv adventure will give you the opportunity to pass through plantations, valleys, bamboo forests, uphill tracks, remote villages, hills and mud. You will need 2 hours to conquer all the terrain in Balaji ATV. Let’s try different things in Bali.

What do you expect in Balaji ATV Adventure?

  • Drive without having to think about other vehicles beside or in front of you. Because this is really a wild track.
  • Get an exhilarating experience of 2 hours on a 9km track in a remote area of Payangan village, Bali.
  • ATV Quad bike that is always maintained so that its performance is always excellent when used for 2 hours.
  • With an experienced guide who will accompany you during this ATV adventure.
  • Get a warm welcome from all the staff with a welcome drink
  • Balaji ATV adventure spoils you with a really comfortable and beautiful rest area atmosphere.

Price of Balaji ATV Quad Bike Adventure

Balaji Adventure has 2 package options with different prices. Among them are single atv, namely 1 atv quad bike with 1 rider and 1 quad bike with 2 passengers, which is called a tandem atv tour. Let’s see the prices for ATV rides at Balaji ATV Adventure;

Single ATV Ride 550.000/person
Tandem ATV Ride 850.000/2 persons
Book with Instan Comfirmation

Price Balaji ATV Included

  1. welcome drink, coffee or tea
  2. Safety Equipment
  3. The ATV goes through plantations, rivers, bamboo forests, hills, mud
    Guide, Boots, Towel, shower room and locker
  4. Have lunch
  5. Full insurance

What We Need to bring?

Exciting to ride ATV in Balaji Adventure
Exciting to ride ATV in Balaji Adventure Ubud

Bali ATV Ride are outdoor activities that interact directly with the wild. We have to go through all the obstacles that exist, therefore prepare the things needed, including:

Mosquito cream, Because the location is in a remote area, you need to bring mosquito cream with you. This is if you are very sensitive to mosquito bites. But don’t worry, mosquitoes that live in rural areas can rarely make us have dengue fever.

Change of clothes, this is really needed because you will be playing on a muddy track. So we have prepared bath towels and showers for you to use after the balaji atv adventure is over.

Glasses, this is very useful to protect your eyes from the sun

Sunscreen, if you have sensitive skin, use sunscreen to protect it. Because the nature of Bali with a tropical climate may be different from your country.

Camera, if you want to capture this happy moment, don’t forget to bring a camera. But if you don’t want to report bringing your camera, all you have to do is request a photographer from us.

Facilities at Balaji ATV Adventure

Balaji ATV Adventure
Ride ATV Under The Bamboo Forest

Choosing a place to play ATV in Bali is important because the facilities you will get are taken into consideration. But balaji atv adventure provides complete facilities; starting from friendly staff, free coffee or tea.

There are also soft drinks, beer or juice that you can request. Besides that, Balaji Adventure has prepared an ATV Quad Bike that is ready to bulldoze all terrain in prime condition. Besides that, Balaji ATV also has a spacious lobby with a comfortable restaurant. You can also use a bath towel with a clean bath after you finish playing the ATV at Balaji Adventre.

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The most important thing is the guide who is friendly and ready to serve with heart, in addition to insurance while participating in ATV Riding activities at Balaji Adventre Bali. So that’s the speed that you will get, what are you waiting for, join Balaji ATV Adventure to get this unique experience. Book now!

Tips Ride ATV in Bali

Riding an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) in Bali can be a fun experience, but it can also be risky if not done safely. Here are some tips for riding an ATV in Bali safely:

  1. Follow the instructions from the tour guide – Be sure to pay close attention and follow all instructions from the tour guide before starting to ride the ATV.
  2. Wear safety equipment – Make sure you use a helmet, gloves, boots to reduce the risk of injury.
  3. Set the speed – Make sure to ride the ATV at a speed appropriate for the road conditions and surroundings. Don’t be too fast and be careful when crossing rocky or muddy roads.
  4. Stay on existing ATV trails – Do not drive your ATV in non-designated areas or off the track. Always obey traffic signs and do not perform dangerous maneuvers such as zigzags.
  5. Do not drink alcohol – Do not drink alcohol before or while riding an ATV. This can affect your ability to drive and increase the risk of an accident.
  6. Avoid riding the ATV in bad weather – Avoid riding the ATV during bad weather, such as rain or a storm. This can make the road more slippery.
  7. Avoid braking suddenly – Avoid braking suddenly when riding an ATV. This can cause the ATV to skid and cause you to lose control.
  8. Don’t get too close to other ATVs – Don’t get too close to other ATVs that are being driven, especially when turning. Ensure a safe distance is maintained to avoid the risk of a collision.

So that’s a bit about Balaji atv adventure, let’s try something that will make your day more enjoyable in Bali. Adventure in the beautiful outdoors is a rare experience for those of you who are busy with daily work activities.

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