Bali Vacation Tips – Useful in Planning a Vacation to Bali

Bali Vacation Tips – Useful in Planning a Vacation to Bali

Bali Vacation Tips – Useful in Planning a Vacation to Bali. Are you planning a vacation to the island of Bali? I believe the majority of you will say yes! This time I will review a guide or tips for a vacation to Bali. This article will help your vacation to Bali. Whether it’s the first time on vacation to Bali, or those who have vacationed in Bali repeatedly.

Just for your information, the Bali vacation tips that we write on this page are based on our experience in providing Bali holiday package services, and car rental services plus drivers in Bali for Indonesian tourists. Armed with that experience, we know the problems that the majority of Indonesian tourists encounter while on vacation on the island of Bali.

From the problems we got, we can therefore give him advice or a Bali tour guide to make your holiday in Bali easier.

List of Bali Vacation Tips For Indonesian Travelers

Here’s a list of Bali travel tips specifically for Indonesian travelers.

1. The Best Time To Have A Vacation To Bali

When is the best time to vacation in Bali? The best time to vacation in Bali has two criteria, namely: avoid holidays during the rainy season and the high season in Bali.

Avoid Rainy Season

Almost during the year is the best time for a vacation to the island of Bali. But if you can plan, my advice is to stay away from vacationing during the rainy season in Bali. The dry season in Bali is in the range of April – September. In April – September it rarely rains on the island of Bali.

But there is a risk of choosing a vacation during the dry season in Bali! Consequently, your skin will be darker because of the heat of the sun. Therefore, don’t forget to bring a sun block, at least a sun block can immediately reduce sunburn.

Avoid Holidays During High Season

Apart from looking at the weather factor, you should also pay attention to the high seasons. Because during high seasons in Bali, most of the prices go up. Such as air ticket prices, hotel prices, car rental prices in Bali. The range of price increases during high season in Bali is around 25% – 40%.

Then when is the holiday season in Bali? High season in Bali occurs in June – July (school holiday season), August (foreign holiday season), December – early January (Christmas and New Year’s holiday season). So if you are looking for a cheap vacation, stay away from vacationing during the high season in Bali.

In addition to rising prices, during high season in Bali, the majority of roads in Bali will experience the heaviest traffic jams, especially in the recreation areas of southern Bali. But if you have to vacation in high seasons and want to feel comfortable when going through traffic jams.

I recommend choosing transportation facilities with car rental + driver. At a minimum, by using a car rental service plus a driver in Bali, you can rest in the car, no need to drive when there is traffic jam.

2. Choose Lodging

Before you decide where to spend the night in Bali, make sure the area or tourist spot in Bali that you want to visit. My advice, find a place to stay that is close to the tourist attractions in Bali that you want to visit. For travelers who are on vacation for the first time in Bali, generally they will travel to tourist areas of southern Bali.

The most popular southern Bali holiday area is the tourist spot of Kuta. In addition, because the requirements, needs, and budget of each traveler are different, the choice of where to stay will have an influence. In the tourist area of ​​Kuta, there are many cheap and exclusive hotels available, which you can choose according to your budget.

Find Cheap Hotels In Kuta

If you are looking for a place to spend the night in Kuta at a price below IDR 300,000 per night. Look around Jalan Three Brothers, Gang Poppies (1 and 2), Gang Puspa Ayu, Jalan Raya Tuban or Jalan Bakung Sari.

If you want a cheaper hotel price, go to the small alleys on Jalan Raya Tuban and Jalan Kuta. Because of that you will find many small hotels, of course at lower prices. You will find many places to spend the night such as boarding houses that are rented out at prices below IDR 150,000 / night.

Exclusive Lodging In Kuta

For those of you who don’t want to spend the night in a cheap hotel and want to spend the night in an exclusive hotel in the Kuta area, therefore you can look for classy hotels that are widely available in the Kuta beachfront area and Legian beachfront.

To find a hotel that suits your wishes, the best step is to ask your friends who have spent the night in Bali. Another best way to find a place to stay in Kuta Bali is to search through the Google search engine.

Lodging Away From the Crowds

For those of you who don’t like crowds, and want to find a place to spend the night in Bali that is quieter. Therefore, you can find accommodation in other Bali tourist areas! Like the tourist attractions of Sanur and the tourist attractions of Nusa Dua, which are quieter than the tourist attractions of Kuta.

The tourist areas of Sanur and Nusa Dua Bali offer hotels on the beach with white sand. Especially for hotels that are on the beach, the prices sold are generally more expensive than hotels that are not on the beach.

Ubud tourist attractions, which are located in Gianyar district, can be your option to spend the night. Ubud offers natural tourist attractions, with panoramic views of rice fields or rivers. However, in the tourist area of ​​Ubud Bali, there are no beaches like Kuta, Sanur or Nusa Dua.

Gianyar Regency offers a variety of good tourist attractions that you deserve to visit while on vacation to the island of the gods. Gianyar Regency provides recreational areas such as safari parks, zoos, cultural recreation, Tegalalang rice terraces and water sports activities such as Ayung rafting Ubud.

Overnight in North Bali

In addition to the Ubud recreation area, you can spend the night in the northern Bali tourist area. The majority of northern Bali tourist attractions are in Buleleng district, and there is a beach called Lovina beach.

The price of lodging in the Lovina area is cheaper than the price of lodging in the southern Bali area. However, the location of the Lovina tourist area is really far from the airport and the shortcut time is approximately 3 hours from Ngurah Rai airport.

Overnight in East Bali

East Bali tourist attractions offer cheap lodging and exclusive hotels. The majority of hotel locations in eastern Bali are in the Candidasa recreation area. Candidasa tourist attractions have beaches and are not so crowded with tourists. I believe, the majority of you don’t know, what interesting things can be visited in east Bali.

3. Vacation Transportation Facilities

After you arrive in Bali, you will certainly need a means of transportation to get to your destination. On the island of Bali there are few public transportation services. Existing public transportation facilities such as taxis and Trans Sarba Gita buses. Especially for the Trans Sarba Gita bus, for now it only has limited lines.

What we can recommend is that you get a comfortable and cheap means of transportation by using a car rental service in Bali. There are 2 car rental options, namely, Bali car rental without a driver or car rental with a driver in Bali. Of course the options are up to you according to your budget.

Car Rental Prices In Bali

Car rental prices start at IDR 225.00 / 24 hours which you can rent regardless of key (car rental only). We recommend that you look for car rental services in Bali through the Google search engine, because some of the advantages you will get, for example:

You will get the most trusted car rental service provider company, because Google only lists Bali car rental companies that already have a good track record on page one of Google.

You can ask a car rental service provider in Bali that you get through Google to pick you up at the hotel or where you can pick up a Bali car rental with a driver. But you can rent a car without a driver, they will send their car to the place you expect, such as the airport or the hotel where you are staying, so you don’t have to arrive at the car rental place.

In addition, I recommend ordering a rental car a month in advance. Because during the high season in Bali, many car rental companies lack cars for rent. Even though there are cars available, rental prices are getting more expensive than during the low season.

It’s better to rent a car with a driver, because it will save your time and avoid getting lost on the road. Besides that, you can ask the driver for references to tourist attractions in Bali and places to eat.

4. Know the Bali Tourist Attractions Entrance Ticket Prices

If you are on vacation in Bali, of course you will visit tourist attractions on the island of Bali. To make it easier to arrange a vacation budget, you should know the price of admission tickets to tourist attractions on the island of Bali. By knowing the price of admission tickets to tourist attractions, then you will be able to set a vacation budget.

5. Great Tourist Activities In Bali

Apart from visiting tourist attractions, the majority of Indonesian tourists will look for great Bali tourism activities while on vacation on the island of Bali. Great activities in Bali such as ATV Ride Ubud Bali and Tanjung Benoa water sports activities.

Apart from Tanjung Benoa water sports activities, Indonesian travelers enjoy rafting activities, either on the Ayung River in Ubud or rafting on the Telaga Waja river, Karangasem.

If you want affordable prices without differences in the type and quality of activities, you should buy through online media. Instead of buying Tanjung Benoa water sports activities directly at the activity location.

My advice, should look for activity packages! Because the Tanjung Benoa watersports activity package, including hotel pick up and the price of the activity unit, is cheaper.

6. Where to eat in Bali

We recommend places to eat in Bali in our Bali travel guide because it has a really important role in your holiday satisfaction. You want exclusive, cheap food, typical Indonesian food, Balinese food or foreign food you will easily get in Bali.

If you are a Muslim, be careful looking for halal food, the safest way to get halal food is to visit Padang restaurants, Javanese stalls or meatball stalls, fish cafes in Jimbaran and others.

If you want halal food at a restaurant, ask first if they provide halal food. The majority of restaurants in Bali provide Halal food, so you don’t have to worry.

Conclusion Bali Travel Tips

Bali Vacation Tips – Useful in Planning a Vacation to Bali. We hope that this article on Bali holiday tips is useful for you readers. Happy holiday to Bali

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