Besakih Temple Entrance Fee

Besakih Temple Entrance Fee

Besakih Temple Entrance Fee – Besakih Temple is a Hindu temple complex located in East Bali, Indonesia. As far as I know, every tourist spot in Bali has an entry fee including the Besakih temple entrance fee to be able to visit the temple complex. However, visitors are required to wear decent clothes and pay a parking fee if they come by car or motorbike.

Nonetheless, it is always wise to check with local authorities or tour operators to confirm the latest information on entry fees and other requirements before visiting a temple. In addition, visitors must respect the customs and traditions of the temple, and follow existing rules or guidelines.

Besakih Temple Entrance Fee

For those of you who want to visit this religious tourist spot, please prepare money to pay for the entrance ticket

For domestic tourists IDR. 35,000 / person
And for foreign tourist IDR. 60,000/person

With this fee, you can get free facilities using the sarong as a dress code to enter Besakih Temple. Then if you need a guide from the Besakih Temple guide community, there will be an additional fee at your discretion.

Even though you have already paid for the entrance ticket, you need to know the rules before entering the Besakih Bali temple area.

Besakih Temple Rules

There are several rules and guidelines that must be followed by Besakih Temple visitors

  1. If you want to visit this tourist spot, you are required to dress modestly and cover your shoulders and knees. Use the sarong that has been provided by the Besakih tourism area committee.
  2. Do not be indifferent to customs and traditions, you must respect the customs and traditions of the temple and its worshippers. They may not touch or move any offerings or artifacts, and may not interfere with any ceremonies or rituals that are taking place.
  3. Follow instructions from guides and temple staff: Visitors should listen to and follow any instructions given by guides or temple staff.
    No alcohol or smoking: Visitors are not allowed to consume alcohol or smoke inside the temple complex.
  4. No loud noises or disturbing behavior: Visitors must be quiet and respectful within the temple complex, and avoid any behavior that could be considered disturbing.

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Beware of scams: Visitors should be wary of scammers or unofficial guides who may try to take advantage of them.

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It is important to note that Besakih Temple is a sacred site and visitors must behave well and respectfully at all times.

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