Bunut Bolong Jembrana; Location and highlights

Bunut Bolong Jembrana; Location and highlights

The Bunut Bolong Jembrana A tourist attraction located 9 kilometers north of the Pekutatan market, precisely in Manggissari Village, Pekutatan District, about 60 km from Denpasar to the west.

Bunut Bolong is one of the tourist destinations in Jembrana. Located in Banjar Bunut Bolong, Manggissari Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana Regency, Bali, this tourist destination has historical content before independence, and mystical content since its creation process, until now.

This Bunut Bolong tourist destination is a large tree with a large hole underneath. Local residents call it the bunut tree. This tree is more than a hundred years old.

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Apart from being a tourist destination, the hole under the tree is also an access road that connects Jembrana Regency and Buleleng Regency.

Highlights of Bunut Bolong

The main attraction of this place is the existence of the Bunut tree (L.Ficus) which is very unique and sacred. This giant Bunut tree has a large hole (perforated) at the bottom which also functions as a highway for all types of vehicles to pass through.

From this dead-end tree with a large hole, the name “Bunut Bolong” emerged, which is the main attraction of this place.

Apart from these trees, in this area there is also an ancient temple with the surrounding environment still being a natural forest. From this place, tourists can see the beautiful panorama of the ocean to the south and the mountains to the north while enjoying the fresh mountain air.

What’s more, along the way to this place, tourists can enjoy the spicy atmosphere with beautifully arranged expanses of clove and fruit gardens, accompanied by the chirping of birds and other animals.

This very old giant bunut tree is a natural landmark that is sacred to local residents. They believe that this tree is hundreds of years old.

The word “Bunut” is a Balinese word for a certain type of tree which has characteristics similar to a banyan tree, and the word “Bolong” means “hole”, thus the word “Bunut Bolong” means a bunut tree with a hole.

At first glance when we hear the name, we can already imagine that Bunut is a tree that has characteristics similar to a banyan tree.

But the roots that hang down from the trunk directly touch the ground, becoming a new trunk with beautiful curves, and what is unique in the middle. There is a hole in the middle of the tree.

It is as if an alley, whose diameter allows vehicles to pass freely, looks from a distance as if straddling the paved road between the two parts.

This unique Bali landmark is located in a cool highland area. Fog often appears in the morning and evening. This adds a magical aura to the site. Bunut Bolong could be said to be the highlight of the trip.

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