Car Temple in Nusa Penida

Car Temple in Nusa Penida

Hindus in Bali, guys, have been shocked by the existence of the Car Temple on Nusa Penida. Therefore, the holy place of this mystical temple is located in Banjar Hamlet, Karang Dawa, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, Bali which is considered to have this unusual architectural form.

There are 13 shrines and two shrines which are similar in shape to cars. Wow, how come.This is very similar to a jeep in shape and it is believed that it is the shrine of Ida Bhatara Ratu Gede Ngurah (Shiva) and Hyang Mami (Durga).

Meanwhile, the shape of the other resembles the VW Beetle car, the pelinggih of its followers.

There are still many Hindus who are curious about this phenomenon. Approximately which one was used as the pelinggih establishment of the car.

So far, Hindus in Bali have had a foundation for a guide when it comes to designing and building traditional Balinese architectural (worship/pelinggih) buildings contained in the Asta Kosala Kosali ejection.

The ejection concerns the philosophy of the formation of temple architecture, namely Tri Hita Karana, Panca Maha Buta and Nawa Sanga.

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Apart from Asta Kosala Kosali, this has been discussed in the ejection of Dewa Tattwa, Kusumadewa, Ithi Prakerti Padmabhuwana, Anda Bhuwana and others. The foundations of these traditional buildings also have relevance to the teachings of Hindu ethics and morality from its people.

Car Temple in Nusa Penida

If this is related to existing literature or ejection, then the Pandita Dukuh Samiaga, guys, gives an expression that the construction of a car shrine cannot be said to use the foundation of traditional Balinese architectural design guidelines, which are indeed not commonly used by Balinese Hindus.

Until now, the local people still have not found the basis of the tatwa itself or the history that is written or called lontar against the founder of the car pelinggih.

Therefore, this has received recognition from the Karang Dawa community. However, some of the writings that discuss this Car Temple are built from a very strong mythical foundation.

It has been told before that Dawa residents intend to open a new plantation area in the Pura Mobil area and in the process, several large rocks are found which must be moved to another place but when the stones are moved the next day the stones return to their original place.

Strange occurrences like this are not the first time. Even when the stone is moved, it will still return to its place, which makes people feel very strange and unnatural about this incident.

Car Temple in Nusa Penida

Tired of that, the residents finally asked for help from people who know mystical things. The results of his insights explained that they should build a sacred building in the area.

Some say that at first a simple pelinggih was made in the form of a pile of stones. In this process, there is a very real and abstract indication that Ida Bhatara, who resides in the car temple, has a four-wheeled “train” vehicle without horses (resembling a car).

Before the emergence of this car pelinggih, every piodalan in the temple often became possessed and asked to make a sacred building in the form of a carriage without horses or cars.

In the end, the two shrines were built, which initially only had two car-shaped shrines. However, after many people prayed, other shrines were built which have grown to the present day.

Even though this comes out of traditional Balinese buildings, it does not dampen the spiritual desires of the local residents. The people of Karang Dawa have long made this car-shaped shrine a place of worship.

The mythical stories told from the time of the ancestors further strengthened the level of public confidence in the greatness and power of Hyang Mami.

However, the more here, guys, the existence of the ‘mystical aura’ of the Mobil Temple is getting stronger which subdues the beliefs of the local people. Because the existence of Hyang Mami’s power is increasingly being felt by the people of Karang Dawa.

The mystical story experienced by residents is that at night residents often hear the sound of roaring cars, horns and see bright lights traveling at high speed towards the northwest.

But who would have thought that the sound of the engine was only heard briefly and disappeared in the dark of the night. certain residents have directly seen the magical car.

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The front of the magical car is wrapped around two dragons, just like the car shrine at Paluang Temple. This magical car is said to often circle the village, sometimes speeding on the road, in the air, and even over the sea. The local people believe that the invisible car is Hyang Mami’s vehicle.

Because local people believe that on certain nights Hyang Mami goes around monitoring her people by driving a car.

Regarding Hyang Mami’s strength, Putu Gita explained that once there were other residents who were trapped in the water in the coral cave when they wanted to take swallow’s nests. Then, the resident remembered Ida who was walking away at the Mobil Temple.

Immediately at that time, a car came dropping stones into the water so that it pushed out the cave which closed the cave and the person survived.

Car Temple in Nusa Penida

Discussing again about the formation of the history of the car temple in Nusa Penida will be a new knowledge for you to know and there have been many stories that the local people have gone through related to the mystique of the car temple which sometimes makes some people feel magical.

Even so, guys, it cannot be denied that this car temple is an alternative place of worship in Bali which is often visited by the public. No wonder the number of these temples is increasing over time. If you read further you will understand the background of the establishment of the temple.

Some occult things have been experienced by local residents with the existence of this temple and they believe that this incident is a sign of the appearance of Hyang Mami to see her people.

Moreover, one of the strong reasons for the existence of this temple is that it started with someone who was possessed and made a request to build a temple but with a shape similar to a car.

Starting from this event, a temple was built which is said to be appropriate and after that a mystical aura was felt quite strongly by the community.

Not a few of them often saw this mystical event and indeed the beginning of the construction of this temple was in the form of a message that was intended for the needs of the community and they did it all according to what had been ordered.

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Thus this discussion regarding the history of the car temple in Nusa Penida, hopefully with this article it will further increase your knowledge about the origins of the temple which has an architecture resembling the car.

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