Dreamland Beach Bali Location and Ticket Price

Dreamland Beach Bali Location and Ticket Price

Dreamland Beach Bali is one of the favorite beach in Pecatu Bali, the island of Bali which is interesting to explore. Beautiful beach with sand white, panoramic sunsets and challenging surf arenas.

Dreamland is a small white sandy beach surrounded by high rock cliffs. Compared to the beaches around Denpasar City, this beach feels quieter and less crowded with tourists.

This makes Dreamland Beach suitable as a place to relax and enjoy the waves, amidst the soothing beach breeze. Rows of lounge chairs complete with umbrellas are also available to pamper visitors who want to laze around enjoying the sea panorama.

Dreamland Beach Bali is not equipped with various facilities for water recreation activities, but that is precisely the advantage of this beach.

The panoramic expanse of the beach still feels intact, not crowded with banana boats, jetskis, parasailing, or crowded with visitors.

Instead, visitors can enjoy activities such as swimming or surfing if the weather permits. All these activities carried out in a limited scope, under the supervision of the coast guard who is always on standby in the watchtower.

Another advantage of the beach which is about 32 kilometers from Denpasar City is its position facing west. This makes Dreamland Beach one of the recommended spots to enjoy the sunset panorama in Bali, in addition to Kuta and Jimbaran.

Dreamland Beach Bali

Bali is a small island in the middle of Indonesia. But even so, here is a paradise for tourist attractions, both natural and artificial. When it’s vacation time. Dreamland Beach is one of the many beaches owned by the Island of the Gods.

Being behind a fairly steep cliff, does not discourage tourists who want to come here to enjoy its beauty. Anyone who comes here, will definitely be fascinated by its beauty and reluctant to move quickly from this beach.

Each tourist destination certainly has its own charm to be able to attract tourists to come to the place. Formerly this beach was known as Dreamland Beach, but now many call it New Kuta Beach because its beauty charm is not the same as that served by Kuta Beach. Here are the attractions of the beach.

High Wave

The most sought after by surfers is the sea with very high waves, because it can make surfing activities more exciting and fun. For this sport, many foreign tourists come, because they feel challenged by the waves owned by the beach.

Beautiful and Enchanting Sunset

This is one of the beauty of the panorama during the day before noon, namely enjoying the sunset after being tired of walking and doing activities on the beach. The silhouette on this beach is very exotic which makes the tourists here more comfortable to watch every second of the sunset.

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If you want to see it with maximum quality, you can try climbing a cliff which is not far from the beach. Later you can enjoy the sunset from the top of the cliff and capture it in camera shots. But you need to be careful when you are later on a cliff.

Clean and Beautiful Place

Due to the infrequent number of tourists who come to this place, the cleanliness and comfort of this beach is guaranteed, especially at that time it was not as popular as it is today. This makes many tourists who come to feel reborn, because they find comfort and tranquility while on this beach.

The majority of local tourists who visit here just to relax from the routine of today’s work. The sound of the waves crashing along with the rustle of the beach makes the atmosphere on the beach even more serene. The clear sea water allows us to see the sea in it without the need for diving or other tools.

Location and Route to Dreamland Beach Bali

This beach is very unique, which is behind a fairly steep cliff. This beach is located on the island of Bali which is precisely on Jl. Kuta Baru, in Pecatu Village, an area called Pecatu Indah Resort, in the southern part of Kuta sub-district in Badung Regency, Bali Province. The atmosphere of the area on this beach is very cool, comfortable, clean, and also quiet.

If you start the journey from Kuta Beach, to get to Dreamland Beach will take about 1 hour drive (depending on the condition and situation of city streets).

Access to this beach is very easy to pass by using private vehicles, both 2 wheels and 4 wheels. The road to this place is also very smooth.

Not only that, if you want to find a beach tourist location. Then you have to enter an area called Resort Pecatu Indah. There you will have to pass a golf course called New Kuta Golf.

However, along with the development of technology and You can easily find these tourist destinations with the help of Maps Online.

Dreamland Beach Bali Entrance Ticket Prices

Most of the beaches on the island of Bali have tariffs or entrance tickets that are intended for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

However, at Dreamland Beach there is no entrance fee, or you could say it’s free. You will only be charged a parking fee for four-wheeled vehicles, the rate is only 20,000 rupiah for 1 car.

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Considering that only by paying a parking fee of 20,000 rupiah, you will be treated to exotic and beautiful beach views. If you visit here, it is recommended to visit it in the afternoon.

Because at nightfall, many foreign and local visitors come here to enjoy the beautiful orange sunset. So you are advised to come at 17.00 to 18.00.

Dreamland Beach Bali Location and Ticket Price

Exciting Activities to Do at Dreamland Beach Bali

Below are some activities you can do at the beach, let’s check it together,

Hang out and Relax at the Café

When you start to get tired and hungry after a day of walking in the beach area, you can buy food and drinks at the cafe provided by the manager. The cafe here provides a variety of cuisines both from within the country and abroad.

So, you don’t have to worry about the food you want to eat, because here there are various kinds of complete dishes. For the prices offered at this cafe, it is quite pocket-friendly, because their target is the majority of tourists who come from within the country.

There is no doubt about the taste, because not a few have tasted the food here, but many have recommended this cafe, both foreigners and locals.

Sunbathing on the Beach

This activity is quite foreign to the Indonesian people because without the need for sunbathing, they can get enough sunlight every day.

However, this is very special for tourists from abroad, because in their country the daily intake of sunlight is very little. It is used by foreign tourists to be able to get sunlight while at Dreamland Beach.


Surfing is closely related to the many beaches in Bali as this island has been dubbed the surfer’s paradise of every traveler. You should not miss the moment to try this water sport if you are a surfing lover.

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The waves are very challenging and also big, perfect for those of you who want to pump up adrenaline.

That’s our article review about Dreamland Becah Bali – location and ticket price, hopefully it’s useful