Elephant Ride Tour at Mason Elephant Park

Elephant Ride Tour at Mason Elephant Park

Elephant Ride Tour at Mason Elephant Park which is the largest elephant park in Bali. Well we bali quad biking will review elephant ride at mason park. Because we have packege combine with our atv and this elephant ride.

This park can be compared to other Elephant Safari Parks in Bali, where visitors will find various species of elephants, especially elephant species from Sumatra. This elephant park was approved by the Minister of Tourism in 2000 yesterday.

One of the elephant species that you can see is the Sumatran elephant. In fact, this park had been open 3 years before the legalization was carried out. Mason Elephant Safari Park has been confirmed as a member of the World Zoo Association.

This is based on the fact that this elephant park has met international standards regarding animal conservation.

Elephant Ride Tour at Mason Elephant Park

This tourist destination is really crowded with tourists with local and foreign tourists. This elephant park has a certain magnetic power to make some sudden things for the holidays.

Nature and Elephant Theme Park

One of the attractions of Mason Park is that it is a tourist park that has the topic of nature and elephants. You will be taken on a tour in the wild with one of the icons from Mason Park, namely the elephant.

The elephants that you can find in Mason Park are Sumatran elephants. However, there are many other species of elephants who come to celebrate this Mason Park.

Elephant World Learning Center

Within the Garden Museum there is an evaluation center for the elephant world. In this problem you can learn about the world of elephants. Starting from the species, to the steps to preserve the animals that enter this extinct group.

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Come and find the giant beasts at Mason Elephant Park! Riding an elephant in Bali is a favorite activity of foreign tourists in Bali, and Mason Elephant Park Bali (originally Elephant Safari Park) is undoubtedly one of the must-visit tourist attractions on offer today not to be missed with elephants.

For 30 minutes, you can also ride an elephant and be pampered with a fantastic panorama of Taro Hamlet. One of the good activities that you can do when you visit Mason Elephant Safari Park Bali is that you can ride around the Taro Forest on an elephant.

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Here you will enjoy the beauty of Forest Taro which is still beautiful and natural. Apart from doing great things with elephants, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of the Jungle at its most beautiful scenery.

For those of you who are in direct contact with elephants for the first time, there is no need to worry. Because all the elephants at Mason Elephant Safari Park Bali are used to and have been with the arrival of humans around them.

Elephant Ride Tour at Mason Highlights

  • Arrive and visit one of the best elephant parks in Bali.
  • Bring your family and friends together in the exotic botanical gardens, and surrounded by the national forest, to enjoy the event.
  • Ride an elephant and take unique photos with views of Mason Elephant Park.
  • Let’s see how international standards apply to these gentle creatures.

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Walk on the wild side with an informative and scenic stroll atop an elephant through our park and the cool Taro jungle.

Elephant Ride Tour at Mason Package Price :

Park Admission & Elephant Safari Ride (transfers + lunch not included)
IDR 860.000 – 1.115.000

An experience you’ll never forget, interacting and exercising with our resident giants. Afterwards, enjoy lunch with a view of the elephant bathing lake in our Park Restaurant.

Elephant Ride Include :

  • All Park Facilities & Attractions
  • Elephant Education Show
  • Full Buffet Lunch
  • Elephant Safari Ride
  • Air-Conditioned Hotel Transfers
  • Accident Insurance
  • Emergency Air Medivac*
  • Free Wi-Fi

Mason Park Facilities :

  • Feeding & Encounters Elephant
  • Museum & Information Centre
  • Art Gallery
  • Education Program
  • Bathing & Lake Viewing of Elephant
  • Botanical Gardens & Orchid Displays

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