Hidden Green Canyon Undisan

Hidden Green Canyon Undisan

Hidden Green Canyon Undisan is one of the beautiful canyons that you can find in Bangli Regency. A green canyon with a cave. And what is the beauty of the canyon? Let’s review it briefly in the following article before you travel to this beautiful place.

Bali’s varied topography, from rivers, mountains, seas, hills, means that Bali has many choices for nature tourism. and one of them is a river that flows between narrow cliffs and rocks that form a canyon which has its own uniqueness.

Maybe you have heard about or maybe you have traveled to the Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati which is a tourist attraction that offers the beauty of the canyon, namely a deep and narrow valley with rocky slopes formed from the erosion of river water, giving an artistic impression on each cliff wall  rocks along the Beji Guwang river.

Well, there is another place that offers the same beauty that you need to visit. And both places have beautiful naturally carved canyons. Apart from visiting the Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang. You can also tour the Hidden Canyon Undisan. A green canyon that you can visit when traveling to Bangli Regency.

The distance from the Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang tourist attraction to the Undisan Green Canyon tourist attraction is around 30 meters and you can reach it in around 30 minutes.

For those  who like natural adventures and adventuring in the wild to discover and enjoy the natural beauty that is often hidden, perhaps you can visit Hidden Canyon Undisan to see the hidden beauty of this beautiful canyon.

Located in Undisan village, where Undisan village is a tourist village located in Tembuku sub-district which has and offers many tourist attractions.

Tembuku sub-district has amazing natural beauty. So it is not surprising that you can find several famous natural tourist attractions when traveling to Tembuku sub-district. Such as Tukad Cepung Waterfall. Goa Raja Waterfall., Goa Giri Campuhan Waterfall, and Tukad Melangit Pavilion.

The attraction of Green Canyon Undisan

Hidden Green Canyon Undisan has its own uniqueness, especially for tourists who like photography. By offering anti-mainstream natural beauty, photo hunting becomes something exciting. And as the name suggests, Hidden Green Canyon offers beautiful views of green cliffs. The green color is the result of moss that grows and sticks to the cliffs.

It has towering green cliffs along with a river flowing through the two cliffs. Coupled with the rock foundation creates a beautiful curve of the canyon.

Hidden Green Canyon Undisan is also called Hidden Green Canyon Tangkup. This is because the location of this beautiful canyon is on the Tangkup River, Undisan Kelod Village, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency, Bali.

This canyon offers a beautiful place dominated by green, making anyone who visits amazed. With green cliffs covered with moss flanking the Tangkup river, it is so natural and beautiful.
The atmosphere is very calm and peaceful, making the heart and mind cool. and you will feel truly healing in nature

And apart from that, you will find a beautiful canyon, you will also find a stunning waterfall, adding to your adventure when visiting Hidden Green Canyon Undisan.
and the waterfall is called Tangkup waterfall.

For you to know, Green Canyon is a sacred area, so it is not surprising that this place maintains its beauty.

Feeling the freshness of the Tangkup waterfall coupled with the beauty of the Undisan Green Canyon is an interesting adventure tourism activity to do, right?

And for you to know, the Tangkup waterfall is a waterfall that has a height of around 25 meters which originates in the Tangkup river. Apart from that, the Tangkup waterfall is also famous as the Dukuh Sakti waterfall or Slau waterfall. The panorama of this waterfall displays real natural beauty. The flow of this waterfall is quite fast and has clear water.

And to reach these two locations, namely the Tangkup waterfall and the Undisan green canyon. You have to go on an adventure. Where you have to walk through a fairly wide rice field first. Then the journey continues by descending the coffee fields.

And next is through the footpath on the edge of a ravine. After that, via a bamboo bridge which is usually used as access by local residents. Until finally you arrive at the location of these two places.
Well, it’s not an interesting adventure to find hidden gems, so prepare your stamina.

Interesting Activities In the Green Canyon

Undisan Green Cliffs or often nicknamed Bali’s green canyon is an ancient canyon carved by flowing river water for millions of years and the most interesting thing is the color of the cliffs in the canyon which are green because they are covered with moss.

On an adventure to find the location of the Green Canyon, you will encounter natural scenery such as forests, rice fields and also fast-flowing rivers, so you have to be careful. Even though the journey to this green cliff is quite difficult, it will all be worth it with various beautiful views on this green cliff.

Hidden Green Canyon Undisan looks fantastic with its green cliffs.

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The curves of the green cliffs in Undisan village look like amazing natural carvings, together with the river flowing between the green cliffs and the rocks around the river create a harmonious blend, thus adding to the charm on offer.

The activities that you can do are enjoying the natural beauty of the green cliffs and hunting for photos with a beautiful green canyon as the background.

Apart from that, enjoying the freshness of the Tangkup waterfall in one location is something you shouldn’t miss.

And you need to know that many people come to this canyon in search of tranquility.

Location of Green Canyon Undisan

The location of Green Canyon Undisan is in Undisan Kelod Village, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency.

And for you to know, Undisan Village is a tourist village. With a comfortable and beautiful rural atmosphere combined with local culture. It will make you feel at home in this place for a long time.

Undisan village has natural views such as rice fields, forests, canyon rivers and waterfalls. There are many interesting tourist activities that you can do in Undisan village. Such as tracking, cycling, metekap or plowing the fields with cows, and taking cooking classes.

Facilities at Hidden Green Canyon Undisan

At Hidden Green Canyon Undisan there are no supporting facilities such as toilets, stalls or seating. So you are required to bring your own supplies and if you want to enter the tourist attraction, you are free of charge or free.

However, you must be careful when going to the location. And maintain your behavior while in the Hidden Green Canyon Undisan.

Remembering this area is a sacred and holy area. So you have to follow the applicable rules.

Overall, Green Canyon Undisan is a beautiful place to find tranquility in nature with its charming natural panorama.

Tourist attractions close to Hidden Green Canyon Undisan

After you are satisfied exploring the beauty of the Green Canyon Undisan , here are several tourist attractions that are close to the tourist attraction,

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

The beauty of this waterfall has its own uniqueness. That looks like water that falls from the sky. Because the sunlight coming from above the waterfall illuminates the water. So that makes this waterfall looks bright shine.

And can make visitors drift with peaceful atmosphere, cool and beautiful. Cool, peaceful and beautiful. That’s what people feel after being in this waterfall.

Which gives the beauty and uniqueness of different waterfalls than others. Located in the middle of high cliffs, with very clear water. Slightly enter the cliff area that seem to coincide with one another.

Then join Spectacular Waterfalls Ubud Tour is a package for those who like nature and discover the natural beauty of Bali, especially Ubud and nearby Ubud, in an exciting adventure through spectacular waterfalls. One of the destination is Tukad Cepung Watefall.

Goa Giri Campuhan Waterfall

Then the Goa Giri Campuhan waterfall Bali located in Bangli district, it adds interesting tourist destinations that you should explore when traveling to Bangli district.

Uniqueness of Goa Giri Campuhan waterfall is the entrance location is in the form of a cave, but this waterfall Goa giri Campuhan offers three waterfalls at once with their steps.

The scenery around the Goa Giri Campuhan waterfall is  interesting. Because to get to the location of the cave. Which is used as the entrance to the Goa Giri Campuhan Waterfall. You will walk through the rice fields.

Hopefully this article helps you to provide an overview and information about Hidden Green Canyon Undisan.

See you again in the next article about exciting tourist spots, updated and also hits in Bali.

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