Nusa Penida Snorkeling with Manta Rays

Nusa Penida Snorkeling with Manta Rays

Is it possible to do Nusa Penida snorkeling with manta rays? The answer is very clear, yes it is. The case is that not everyone is familiar with this kind of fish. In the sea, there are so many underwater creatures. The snorkelers can think that they met a particular fish but actually they didn’t because they misunderstood.

Let’s get to know this fish and you better use your chance well when you meet them in the sea. Nusa Penida Snorkeling with Manta Rays and All about This Fish.

First of all, to describe the appearance actually can be derived from the name given. The word “manta” is a Spanish word for cloak.

Nusa Penida Snorkeling with Manta Rays

The body of a manta ray is indeed like a blanket, it is flat and large. If you see it from underneath or from a video taken from underneath, it is like watching a flying kite. The shape is almost the same as a kite. About intelligence, this wide fish has different levels of smartness.

Surprisingly, this fish could find out the situation using its sense of smell and vision. Their intelligence is even compared to that of elephants, primates and dolphins. They have a good memory that allows them to record the events that occur around them.

About food and how to eat it, this fish has a fairly unique habit. Instead of being serious and concentrating when eating, these fish form a formation before eating their menu. It turns out that they swim in the chain formation with a circle movement to catch their target food.

By doing that formation and that movement, a wake is created (spiraling). That is the smart way to catch the food. However, this way and this technique are very rarely done by other kinds of creatures.

Their sizes usually trick us into thinking that they eat medium-sized fish. They don’t. They eat small, even microscopic creatures. Zooplankton is their favorite. They are filter feeders which means they catch the food that flows. Although it is related to sharks, manta rays don’t have teeth.

Those two kinds of fish are related, but their eating habits are opposite. It teaches us a lesson on, don’t judge the book by its cover;. Still in this lesson, their size also scares us and leads us to think they’re monsters. Well, because of their small mouth construction, humans are too big for them to eat.

It is also different from its family (stingrays). Stingrays sting with their tails, meanwhile manta rays don’t do this. That is why Nusa Penida snorkeling with manta rays is a fun activity that is worth trying.

The Special Thing about Manta Ray

Apart from being large, people might ask about the other special things about this “blanket” fish. This fish has cute and unique habits.

As its shape is like a kite, this fish likes to fly although it’s not traditionally flying like a bird or butterfly. Manta rays like to jump on the surface which gives a flying illusion. The exact purpose of this action is still unknown.

Most likely, it is an attempt to cleanse the parasites that stick to manta ray’s body. Another possibility is simply to catch the sunlight. Regardless of the purpose, this action gives even more uniqueness to this fish and makes everyone amazed.

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If you’re lucky, you will see that adorable activity. They don’t do that too often so when you have that in front of you, you’re chosen to witness that phenomenon.

The Best Way to Do Nusa Penida Snorkeling with Manta Rays

The equipment of the activity should be in good condition. To make sure of the condition, you have to check it one by one. One of the main tools that must be fit is a snorkel. If it feels loose, it will be a hassle that bothers in this snorkeling activity.

Wear the proper wetsuit to protect your body from water and sunburn. If you want to capture the moment underwater, don’t forget to ring the proper camera with extra protection. Don’t use flash because you don’t want an extreme reaction from the creatures.

The most important thing mentioned above is to ask for a guide to accompany you. The guide knows everything about the sea and the creatures. Guides can predict the weather or the creatures habits.

They can tell you the perfect time to do Nusa Penida snorkeling with manta rays. If you have difficulties, the guides can tell you what to do. It’s important for those who tend to panic when facing problems. Rescuing the snorkelers from unwanted situations is also their job.

They will be your snorkeling buddy who will tell you the best advice and will accompany your beautiful experience in the sea. Because of the guides, assistance, any of you, whether for the first time or not, can do this activity without worry.

How to Arrange a Snorkeling Adventure?

Like the other kind of tours, it’s quite similar. Prepare your stuff like clothes, shoes, everything. Bring personal stuff with you like medicine or body cream if you have a particular skin problem. Indonesia is a tropical country, the beauty products mostly are for typical tropical skin.

So, some substances in the product might be different from yours. Arrange an itinerary then book a ticket together with the hotel you will stay at. About the adventure you will go through, it is simpler to book a tour package.

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It’s a smart shortcut that will give you some benefits. Kuta Transport is one of the finest adventure tour agencies with a wide range of options. The affordable prices make you breathe a sigh of relief.

All packages are under $100 per person. It doesn’t stop there, each package offers more than you pay. We also give discounts.

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Always check our website to know which package is in the discount program. Book a tour in
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