Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali

Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali

Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali is a paragliding activity tour that gives you an unforgettable experience. The excitement of an adventure and exploration is added to the presentation of natural beauty, all of these things are summarized into one and you can feel it when you play Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali.

The Timbis Hill is one of the best places in Bali for paragliding flights. And under the hill there is timbis beach, which is a beautiful white sandy beach with calm, blue water and moderate sea waves.

With an airstrip over the broad and flat Timbis Hill and the stability of the wind. Making this place so ideal for Paragliding games. So it’s not wrong if Bukit Timbis is a paradise for paragliders.

Being close to two famous tourist objects, namely Pandawa Beach and Gunung Payung Beach, makes Timbis the perfect spot.

Ride paragliding to explore Timbis Hill then soar high into the air and be above the open seas of the Indian Ocean.

Is an exciting and interesting adventure that you should try to see the beauty of Bali from Timbis.

1. Exciting experience Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali

There are many interesting things that you can see while on the air. Like a cluster of hills in the south of Bali Island with strong and towering limestone cliffs.

And you can see the wide expanse of the blue Indian Ocean and a long stretch of white sandy coastline.

The cluster of white sand beaches extends from Sawangan Beach to Melasti Beach. Which in this cluster of beautiful beaches you can enjoy famous beach attractions such as Sawangan Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, Gunung Payung Beach, Timbis Beach, Pandawa Beach, Tanah Barak Beach, Green Bowl Beach and Melasti Beach.

As well as seeing the silhouettes of barrier reefs in the coastal waters. With the waves chasing each other like white lines from above.

And also seeing the sacred area in southern Bali and the tourist activities at the Pandawa Beach and Gunung Payung Beach attractions are exciting what you can see.

Even if you play paragliding in the late afternoon at dusk, you will get an unforgettable sunset experience.

Located between the blue Indian Ocean and the evening sky which is orange red with a clear horizon line when the sun begins to set on the western horizon.

It is a valuable experience that you can feel and witness while paragliding in the afternoon. You can also take various photos with interesting photo spots that you can capture from the air.

After being satisfied for 15 minutes in the air, you can choose to land on Pandawa Beach, Gunung Payung Beach, or Timbis Beach.

And the fun doesn’t just stop when the paragliding game is over, you can also continue exciting and interesting activities on the coast.

By enjoying the beauty of the white sand beach that extends from Gunung Payung Beach, Timbis Beach and Pandawa Beach.

You can just sit and relax on the beach while looking at the sky which is full of colors with colorful parachutes from other paragliders.

Or you can do swimming, diving, surfing and enjoy other water sports rides. How exciting isn’t it to take part in the Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali.

2. Paragliding Adventure Including.

Here are some things that you can get when you take part in the Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali.

1. Airborne for 15 minutes accompanied by professional paragliders.

So for those of you who are playing paragliding for the first time, don’t be afraid, because this paraglider is ready and swift to help you in flight.

2. Security is a priority

Therefore you will get and obtain paragliding game equipment that complies with international safety standards.

And you will get various important information to maintain security when playing paragliding.

Such as paragliding playing techniques, safety guidelines as well as weather and wind conditions.

3. Documentation is important

So don’t be afraid if you can’t catch the moment on air. Because the Paragliding vehicle that you are using is equipped with a camera so you can still devote every moment.

4.Insurance for protection

The paragliding game is equipped with insurance which functions to protect the participants if something unexpected happens.

3.Paragliding Adventure Tips

To play the Paragliding game, you can follow some of the tips below;

1. Prepare conditions and mentally.

Make sure you are fit and healthy when participating in this Paragliding game.

If you have several conditions that are not possible, such as fear of heights and certain congenital conditions, you should first consult with experts.

2. Wear safe and comfortable clothing when flying.

3. Always checking the weather conditions and wind speed before deciding to play paragliding is a very important thing that you have to do.

Because Paragliding Games depend on the weather, wind direction and wind gusts.

4. If you are a beginner, then choose a paragliding tandem so that a professional paraglider will help you on your flight.

4. Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali Not for the following conditions

There are several conditions that make it impossible if you are in the following circumstances to play paragliding games.

Like you want to invite children under 5 years old to play paragliding is really not possible because the age limit for playing paragliding is above 5 years.

Travelers who are pregnant, or travelers who have problems with back, heart, epilepsy, weighing more than 243 lbs (110 kg), high blood pressure and pre-existing medical conditions, need to consult.

Things that need to be prepared for Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali

Before going on an Paragliding Adventure in Timbis Bali, you can prepare a few things for a more enjoyable and comfortable activity.

1. Comfortable Wear

Use clothes that are easy to move around in, such as t-shirts and shorts. So you can ride comfortably along this Beach ATV adventure.

2. Sun Cream

Playing ATV on the beach will force you to be in direct contact with the sun’s rays. So, you should use sunscreen cream to protect the skin during the adventure.

3. Glasses

Sunlight can definitely dazzle your eyes while driving. Plus if you drive during the day, of course, this will be a little annoying.

Therefore, it is definitely necessary to bring sunglasses so that vision remains comfortable while driving.

4. Shoes and sandals

For footwear, you can wear shoes or sandals. It is advisable to specify a mode that is comfortable for use on the move.

5. Change of Clothes

After driving through some great tracks, it sure can get you dirty. You can clean up after the adventure. But, don’t forget to prepare replacement clothes so you can return home comfortably.

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