Privileges of Nusa Penida

Privileges of Nusa Penida

Privileges of Nusa Penida – Nusa Peninda is a very beautiful island, and is included in the Bali region which has now become one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia that deserves to be admired by foreign tourists.

Various kinds of supporting aspects have become parts that are very much in demand, both in terms of ecosystem the sea, stunning views to instagramable spots and are increasingly attracting more and more fans.
Located between the two Indonesian Tourism Islands, Bali and Lombok, Nusa Penida shines even more as a new hot destination in 2019.

Far And Safe From Crime

Nusa Penida is a small island that is like the Gilis in Lombok, namely the islands of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air which has a very low crime rate and can even be said to not exist.

The main source of the population is quite sufficient to support the economy of local residents who are very busy at work, besides that it is also due to the very high awareness of the community in maintaining the beauty and comfort of tourists when visiting.

With this value, of course, it provides a comfort and safety value for tourists when making their tourist visits.

This is evidenced by the many breeders who release their cows in Nusa Penida without having to worry about theft of their livestock and this is indeed a concrete form of public awareness of the importance of security.

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Charming Underwater Ecosystem

Now as a tourist area that is so popular today, Nusa Penida itself presents its underwater natural scenery which is quite charming and gives a sense of awe to foreign tourists visiting at that time. There are several spots that you can enjoy while on this tour, especially the underwater tourism, namely:

Manta Bay

Privileges of Nusa Penida

If interpreted in Indonesian, Manta is a stingray which is a fish that lives in sea waters with a long tail and wings, this species is quite popular among the Indonesian population.

But do you know guys that you can find this one animal on the island of Nisa Penida just by visiting the Manta Bay Spot on Nisa Penida.

Crystal Bay

Privileges of Nusa Penida

Apart from Manta bay, there is also a Crystal bay spot where this spot is known as a super great snorkeling spot with water clarity that resembles a crystal so that local residents even call it Crystal Bay.

Now, for those of you who want to do underwater activities by seeing the various ecosystems, it’s really mandatory to visit this place.

Buddha Bay


Privileges of Nusa Penida

What comes to your mind when you hear this spot? of course the picture will be the same, namely the head of the Buddha and also the Buddha statue that will decorate the underwater world of Privileges of Nusa Penida.

When you visit, don’t forget to bring a go pro camera so you can capture the best moments of your vacation.

Rare Seaweed Producer In The World

Nusa Penida is the rarest seaweed producer in the world. That is one of the commodities produced by the island. As for the name of this seaweed, it is a type of Spinosum.

Spinosum type seaweed, is a rare species of aquatic plant, which exists in Indonesia and is only found in the coastal area of Nusa Penida, a rare commodity is a big asset that must be cultivated properly.

Besides that, seaweed as a commodity to be traded is also used for vegetables, snacks or puddings which of course have high nutritional value. Never made a visit to Nusa Penida to directly inspect this rare seaweed.

We should be proud as Indonesians, especially the people of Nusa Penida and Bali in general, to have this unrivaled seaweed.

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Bio Energy Producing Island (Plta)

Did you know that the island of Nusa Peninda is a producer of Bio Energy where they take advantage of the quality and intensity of the wind to produce energy which is then converted into high voltage electricity which is often shortened as a Wind Power Plant (PLTA).

In the future it is hoped that the power plant will be able to supply electricity to the Nusa Peninda area, be it households or hotel businesses. Electric power owned day by day has grown quite rapidly.

Island Targeted by Foreign Investors

As a new tourist spot and quite a lack of hotels built there, it has sparked interest from foreign investors to invest in the place, be it in the form of hotels, restaurants, as well as in the form of fast means of transportation and various other types of water sports.

As happened, in the development of hotels in Bali, so many foreign investors have invested their capital, both in the form of hotels and transportation facilities that are able to attract the attention of Bali tourism to grow and develop as it is today.

Many foreign tourists have often made investments in Indonesia and have convinced themselves that Nusa Peninda has a great opportunity to progress and become a unique and rare tourist destination, very different from other destinations.

Safe Island From Floods And Tsunamis

This small island in the middle of the ocean will certainly be close to floods and tsunamis, of course, but did you know that Privileges of Nusa Penida was formed due to limestone deposits?

That is the latest fact, the structure of this island consists of solid limestone, with hilly terrain which makes this island safe enough to deal with tsunamis if they do occur, even floods are almost never encountered on this island. Wow, that’s cool.

Religious Island

Every month there are always visitors who flock to the island, which is familiarly called Tirtayatra Religion, in a village, to be precise in Ped Village, Sampalan, Nusa Penida, there are very famous temples in all corners of Bali.

Penataran Agung Ped Temple is the name of the holy place. Located about 50 meters south of the coast of the Nusa Strait ocean.

Panataran Agung Temple is believed to be a temple that is highly venerated by its adherents which is believed to be a holy place for the rituals of its adherents. You can find this in the monthly events that are held and dozens of people worship at that place every month.

Become a Visit Center Like Kuta Beach

The Nusa Penida Tour Package has reached 10,000 searches every month, of course this is directly proportional to the number of people visiting the island.

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Thus this discussion regarding the features of the island of Privileges of Nusa Penida, I hope that this article will further increase your knowledge about what is the attraction associated with this island.

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