Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani

Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani

Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani – Talking about the choice of tourist attractions in Bali is never ending. In fact, every region in Bali has a mainstay tourist attraction which is always crowded with visitors.

For example, the most famous is the Kuta area with its beautiful beaches. There are also many tourist villages in Bali that offer a unique vacation experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Kintamani is one of the districts in Bali which has many recommended tourist destinations. Just visiting Kintamani, visitors can visit many beautiful and diverse places.

Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani

Kintamani is a complete package for enjoying the holidays because the area consists of many types of tourist attractions, ranging from natural to cultural attractions. Here are some highly Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani

1. Lake Batur

Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani

Lake Batur is the first recommendation because this lake has views that are so pleasing to the eye. Natural attractions such as Lake Batur have always been the main destination for travelers because they are curious about the natural beauty of Bali.

Lake Batur, which is located in Kintamani, is one of the most recommended destinations. There are many interesting things that visitors can get from one of these Kintamani tourist attractions.

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There are many exciting activities that visitors can do at Lake Batur. Boat rentals can be used to surround the lake. There is also a goose boat rental that can only be boarded by two people.

At certain moments, this lake is often shrouded in fog because of its location on the slopes at the foot of the mountain. The beautiful scenery makes this lake often referred to as the most beautiful caldera.

2. Mount Batur

Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani

If you want to feel a more challenging sensation, visitors can climb Mount Batur. There is no need to go far from the previous Kintamani tourist attraction, namely Lake Batur.

Because Mount Batur is still in the same area as the lake. As the second highest mountain in Bali after Mount Agung, Mount Batur often makes many people curious to climb and reach its peak.

It doesn’t take too long, the peak of Mount Batur can be reached in just 2 to 3 hours. But even if it’s not a long trip, make sure to plan the climb carefully with a healthy body.

Also make sure to bring sufficient supplies and equipment. Arriving at the top, climbers can enjoy the expanse of views under the mountain which is so beautiful.

3. Penelokan Village

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This is the famous tourist village in Bangli, Bali. Penelokan Village is precisely located on Jalan Raya Penelokan, south of Batur Tengah Village. The main attraction of the Kintamani tourist attraction is created because this village is located at an altitude of around 1500 meters above sea level.

Naturally, the scenery seen from this village ranges from mountains and lakes to expanses of trees and verdant rice fields. While walking around Penelokan Village, visitors can enjoy culinary offerings available in many restaurants. The price also varies so tourists can choose according to taste.

In this village there are also many places to stay, so it is often used as a honeymoon destination. Apart from that, the cold weather typical of villages located in the highlands is also the reason why many new couples visit this village.

4. Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani
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Apart from being called the island of the gods, Bali is also often called the Island of a Thousand Temples. This title is not without reason considering that there are so many temples in every corner of Bali. The existence of temples in many places is in accordance with the beliefs that are mostly adhered to by the Hindu community.

The temple is also still the center of traditional ceremonies until now, apart from being an iconic Kintamani tourist attraction. In Kintamani, precisely in South Batur, there is a temple that is famous as a tourist destination, namely Ulun Danu Temple.

This temple, which is located on the shores of Lake Batur, is a temple that is still highly respected and respected. For this reason, visitors who want to enter this temple are required to wear a special sarong. No need to bring from home, because special sarongs can be rented on the spot or purchased directly.

5. Trunyan Village

Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani

One more tourist village that is so famous in Kintamani, namely Trunyan Village. The attraction of this tourist village is far different from other Kintamani tourist objects which offer beautiful views.

Trunyan Village is actually known because it is synonymous with the traditional procession of burning corpses or what is known as “Ngaben”. This tradition is considered unique because it is not the same as the method of burial in general that applies in Indonesia.

Ngaben is done by laying the corpse on the ground and under an old tree. The corpse was only covered with a plate made of leaves and bamboo.

The interesting part is that there is no pungent smell typical of corpses coming out of corpses that are simply placed on the ground. It is believed that there is no pungent odor because of a tree called Pahon Taru Menyan which can disguise the smell of a corpse.

6. Toya Devasya

Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani

In Bali there are many hot spring tourism objects. Some of the famous ones are Banyuwedang Hot Springs and Sanih Hot Springs. Meanwhile, in Kintamani, there is also a hot spring named Toya Devasya.

The name of this hot spring means “god water” in Balinese. The hot water at the Kintamani tourist attraction comes from the lower layers of the Mount Batur caldera so it is very natural and healthy.

The Toya Devasya bath is so special because visitors can not only soak in hot water. Visitors can also while enjoying the view of Lake Batur. In this tourist area there are 7 hot spring pools with different shapes.

The seven pools are guaranteed to provide a comfortable sensation. If you are too tired to go back home, visitors can rent accommodation around the baths.

7. Mount Abang

Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani

Apart from Mount Batur, Mount Abang in Kintamani can be an attractive destination for tourists who like to climb. Mount Abang is the third highest mountain in Bali with an altitude of 2151 meters above sea level.

Climbing this mountain is enough to get your adrenaline racing. Because the terrain that is passed to get to the top is quite steep. So make sure to climb this Kintamani tourist attraction in a fit condition with sufficient supplies and preparation.

Fatigue from climbing on a fairly steep terrain will pay off when you reach the top. Visitors can immediately see the view of Lake Batur from above.

Mount Abang is also a favorite destination for enjoying the sunrise in Bali besides Sanur Beach. On this mountain, visitors can also do lots of exciting outdoor activities, such as camping and other similar activities.

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With so many Recommended the Popular Attraction in Kintamani it is only natural that this sub-district is often the choice of tourists both from within and outside the country.

Moreover, Kintamani offers many exciting tourist activities, from just enjoying the scenery, taking pictures to feeling a different sensation in a tourist village.

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