Sangeh Monkey Forest Tourism Object

Sangeh Monkey Forest Tourism Object

Sangeh Monkey Forest Tourism Object – This Sangeh monkey forest park is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys which are used as a natural recreation area, the park is known as a tourist destination for monkey forests, Ubud, Alas Kedaton and Sangeh.

All of these Monkey Forests are in strategic locations and are in the same direction as a number of other tourist attractions in Bali, so you can arrange your tour schedule more optimally.

It’s different with the Sangeh Monkey Forest tourist destination, if you schedule a tour, the Monkey Forest destination can be crowded with a number of other popular tourist destinations on the island of Bali.

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Like a tour to the Sangeh Monkey Forest. The location of the Monkey Forest tourist attraction or Sangeh monkey forest is in Sangeh village, Abian Semal sub-district, Badung regency, about 22 km from Denpasar, while the distance from the airport is about 60 minutes.

Sangeh Monkey Forest Tourism Object

The closest tourist attraction to the Monkey Forest area is the Tanah Uwuk tourist destination, where this tourist attraction is now the location of Bio Adventure, one of the organizers of river tubing adventure recreation on the island of the Gods, Bali.

The Sangeh monkey forest is also adjacent to the Ayung river which is used as the most popular white water rafting recreation area in Bali and also the Nugnung waterfall which is located in Pelaga village, Sore.

These places will be attractive destinations in packing tour events, because on this route there are many popular tourist attractions that you can visit, so your sightseeing will not feel boring.

Sangeh Monkey Forest Tourism Object in Badung Bali

Like other Monkey Forest attractions, the Sangeh Monkey Forest area in Badung district is very well organized, adequate supporting facilities for tourism such as a large parking area, toilets and a number of ranger officers or tour guides are also prepared.

The monkeys that inhabit the Sangeh forest are quite tame. Even though the monkeys in Sangeh are quite tame, visitors must also be careful when carrying luggage such as bags, hats and wallets that can attract their attention.

Due to the curious nature of monkeys, they like to be nosy taking visitors’ belongings, including a number of body accessories such as glasses, although there is a possibility that they will be returned after being given food such as nuts or bananas.

The Sangeh forest is inhabited by hundreds of tame monkeys and is dominated by nutmeg trees that rise up to 50 meters, so it is very shady and feels cool. Visitors will feel at home in this forest, the area of ​​this nutmeg forest reaches 14 hectares.

This natural recreation area is perfect for filling your holiday activities, including if you are on vacation with your family and children.

According to residents, the history of the nutmeg forest in Sangeh Badung, which is now a tourist destination for the Monkey Forest or monkey forest in Sangeh, is an artificial forest deliberately created by the Mengwi monkeys.

As a monkeyjaan park, its construction is deliberately kept secret. To make it look more beautiful, the nutmeg trees are imported from the Mount Agung area.

Sangeh Monkey Forest Tourism Object

However, in the end the community found out about the garden and finally stopped it, so it was given the name Sangeh which means someone is watching, and the nutmeg trees have grown so big that now it is a protected forest and is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys.

The interesting thing about the Sangeh tourist attraction is that the monkeys that live in the forest have a number of colonies or groups, and each group has a monkey as a leader, and they have one highest leader or king who becomes the monkey king in the Sangeh forest.

If you visit here you can ask the forest officials to find out who is the king of the forest. Of course the monkey king has the biggest body, the strongest, has the charisma and the oldest.

The monkey king is also given special privileges such as the opportunity to get food until he is satisfied and also the right to marry monkeys or female monkeys who live in the Bukit Sari temple area, that’s the life of the monkeys in the village of Sangeh Badung, the king is still number one and gets top priority.

Taking a vacation to Bali and scheduling a tour around the monkey forest natural recreation area in Sangeh Badung, you can do various activities, such as walking around enjoying the shady and cool atmosphere of the forest.

In this forest, visitors can also feed the monkeys and take pictures with tame monkeys. If you want to take pictures, you can ask for the help of a local guide, so you feel safe and comfortable.

Apart from that, another unique thing in this Monkey Forest tourist spot is the pule tree which is estimated to be hundreds of years old, the locals call it the Lanang Wadon tree.

It is so named because the hollow bottom of the tree trunk represents the female genitalia, while inside the tree hole the stem grows downwards like the male genitalia.

The Lanang Wadon pule tree in Sangeh grows in the front yard, a shrine is in the tree area, it indicates that the tree is sacred and will surely continue to grow sustainably.

In Bali the pule tree has an important meaning in making monkey masks such as the Barong mask and also the Rangda mask which is believed to have a very thick mystical aura.

In front of the Monkey Forest tourist attraction or Sangeh Badung monkey forest, there is a statue of Ravana surrounded by dozens of monkeys. The statue of Ravana takes a story from the Ramayana epic.

This natural forest recreation area is indeed beautiful, also quite interesting for taking pictures, in fact this area is also often used as a place for taking pre-wedding photos.

Everything in this area, especially for families and children, introduces them to be closer to nature, one of which is being able to interact with forest monkeys, which will be a fun new thing. holiday experience.

The Monkey Forest natural recreation area or Bali’s Sangeh monkey forest is an attractive tourist destination for those who like nature tourism, besides that tourist routes with destinations and directions to Sangeh Badung village provide maximum opportunities for adventure.

Because the route to Sangeh village has a number of adventure spots that can be accessed more closely, such as rafting on the Ayung river, Pelaga Agrotourism and trekking to Nugnung waterfall, so a full day trip to the Sangeh monkey forest will be more complete and enjoya

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How to Visit the Sangeh Monkey Forest Tourism Object

Visiting the Monkey Forest or Sangeh Monkey Forest can use your own vehicle, but for tourists you can rent a motorbike or rent a car in Bali and if you want to be more relaxed, you can rent it with a driver or you can join a tour that has been prepared by your travel agent.

Sangeh Monkey Forest Tourism Object

If you want it cheaper, you can only rent a motorbike, especially since this natural recreation park is close to the city of Denpasar and the center of tourism in South Bali.

If you are in the tourism area of South Bali, such as the tourist area of Kuta, Jimbaran or Nusa Dua, one of the tourist agendas that you can arrange so that the location is in the same direction is;

The attractions of Sangeh, Bedugul, Taman Ayun and finally Tanah Lot or Sangeh monkey forest, Ayung Rafting, Pelaga agro-tourism, Tukad Bangkung Bridge and finally Nungnung waterfall.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Location Map of The Sangeh Monkey Forest

Meanwhile, most of the visitors who come here are foreign tourists. However, on holidays and school holidays it is filled with domestic tourists and local residents.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Indonesian Citizens or Indonesian Citizens

• Adults: IDR 15,000/person.
• Children: IDR 5,000/person.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Foreigners or Foreigners

• Adults: IDR 15,000/person.
• Children: IDR 5,000/person.

For vehicle parking fees Rp. 2,000 for motorbikes, Rp. 5,000 for the car and Rp. 10,000 for a tourist bus. The prices above can change at any time according to the latest conditions and conditi

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Thus a review of the Sangeh Monkey Forest Tourism Object, hopefully this is useful.

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