The Bloom Garden Bedugul

The Bloom Garden Bedugul

Instagramable Destinations The Bloom Garden Bedugul – Visiting Bedugul, the first destination that you think of is probably the beach. There are Kuta, Canggu, Jimbaran, and others. But, Bedugul is not only that. There is a new destination in Bedugul that you must try. It’s called Flower Garden. What do you think The Blooms Garden Begudul is like? Let’s check together.

Latest Destinations in Bedugul

If you’ve visited similar destinations in Bandung or Bogor, you must be familiar with seeing this largest flower garden in Bedugul. You can see beautiful flowers planted all over the garden. However, the number will continue to grow.

The Bloom Garden Bedugul

The Bloom Garden is known as the Bedugul Flower Garden. This 5 hectare garden was originally managed by a local village where fruits and vegetables were grown. However, after going through several agreements, the land was later released to be used as a tourist destination.

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Local residents are also working with the Bedugul Provincial Forestry Service to prepare another 20 hectares of land. This land will be used for the development of The Bloom Garden facilities so that visitors to this tourist spot can be more comfortable.

Cool Place

Because the place is cool and beautiful, The Bloom Gardens is perfect for those of you who like taking photos.

Peacock Park

The uniqueness of this garden is the peacock which is arranged from various kinds of flowers. You can see a series of green peacocks with blue beaks. Surrounding it are 11 flower paths that resemble animal tails.

Dutch garden

In this Dutch garden there are two windmills like you can find in the Netherlands. Before playing in the Netherlands, you can play at The Bloom Garden first to warm up.

Fun Game

Apart from the beautiful flowers in The Bloom Garden, they also give you fun games. In this tourist spot you can go around the park by bicycle, hike, and much more. It is suitable if you want to hold outbound activities with family or co-workers.

However, these games are still in the development stage. So to be able to enjoy everything, you have to be patient.

The Bloom Garden facilities

The Bloom Garden Bedugul

Parking lot

In our opinion, a good and crowded tourist destination must have a large parking area. You see, if the place is nice and cute, but people can’t park, they’ll be annoyed. Well, at The Bloom Garden, you don’t need to worry about parking space problems.

Because the parking lot at The Bloom Garden Facility is wide enough for cars and motorbikes. Even buses can park here because many tourists from outside Bedugul come to this destination.

Oh yes, in this parking area you can also find shops selling food, drinks and souvenirs. The price is also still reasonable, not too expensive.

Public toilet

For matters of defecation, The Bloom Garden provides 2 toilets that you can use. You can find the first toilet near the entrance where you sell tickets and the other toilets are in the flower garden area.


Because the place is so wide, you must be tired if you keep walking in this tourist destination. Well, here you will find a gazebo to rest your feet for a moment. You can also eat snacks in this flower garden area. There’s hot coffee, instant noodles, soda drinks, and much more.

Trash can

If you have eaten or drank, don’t forget to take out the trash. Because there has been provided by the manager of The Bloom Garden. Even while traveling, don’t forget to maintain the cleanliness of this tourist destination.

Pedestrian Path

Flowers and plants at this tourist spot are well cared for by the manager of The Bloom Garden. As a good visitor, you should follow the rules by walking on the path that has been provided. Because this destination is also for you, so you also have to take care of it.

Don’t step on the grass, let alone damage the flowers. Duh, we like to be sad when we see things like that.

Ticket price

To be able to enter this tourist destination of The Bloom Garden, you need to pay a ticket. These tickets are categorized into 2 different groups, namely children and adults.

Local travelers

• Children (5-10 years): IDR 10,000
• Adults: IDR 20,000
Foreigner tourist
• Children (5-10 years): IDR 20,000
• Adult: IDR 50,000

No Need to Go Far to Destinations Outside Bedugul

The Bloom Garden Bedugul

The Bloom Garden is an alternative tourist destination besides the beach for visitors, especially those living in Bedugul. because, the scenery of flora is beautiful and charming.

The atmosphere in this park is calm and cool. perfect for outings with friends and family. Especially for those of you who like photos.

Instagramable Place to Stay

Traveling to Bedugul is indeed the most exciting. Especially to the new destination that We just said. Apart from Bedugul, Bandung also has similar destinations that you can visit, such as the Begonia Garden in Lembang.

Well, if you’ve finished playing in the park, you better rest first. Where else if not at Kamiobox. Apart from being a comfortable and affordable resting place for you, this capsule hotel can also complete your photo collection in your gallery.

You see, in Kamiobox there is an LED light feature that you can adjust to your mood. The color varies from blue, purple, to yellow. In addition, its futuristic design is also suitable for you to capture on your cellphone.

The Attraction of The Bloom Garden Bedugul

The attraction of The Bloom Garden Bedugul Bedugul is the first tourist spot to offer a flower garden equipped with photo spots which is certainly different when compared to other tourist parks in Bedugul.

Being in an area that is in the highlands, of course, will provide fresh air and have beautiful natural scenery.

When you visit this place, there are many photo spots available at Bloom Bedugul park, which of course will be ready to add to the excitement of your trip or vacation to Bedugul.

Arriving at the tourist spot you will be greeted with a natural charm that is so cool, and equipped with a backdrop of green mountains that have fresh air.

The Bloom Garden Bedugul, certainly has views that are so beautiful and charming of course,

when you are in this place you will not feel bored or bored, in our opinion this place is perfect for those of you who want to unwind because you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to feel the natural coolness of nature.

In this place, the natural scenery that is so green and calm will make your mind refreshed when you come to Bedugul here.

Not only beautiful scenery, of course The Bloom Garden Bedugul is also suitable for all people, especially children, this place is perfect for them, because by visiting this garden you will also experience tourist attractions as well as educational places in Bedugul.

Which of course will introduce your child to be closer to the environment and further about the natural environment, plus the location of this tourist spot is far from vehicle noise and air pollution, so the air in this place is very fresh.

At The Bloom Garden Bedugul you can also find a variety of exciting rides which will certainly add to the excitement of your weekend or vacation while traveling in Bedugul. For example, the most interesting thing is that there is an interesting Bedugul selfie spot for you to try.

Not only does it have flower plants in this place or there are various instagramable selfie spots, this tourist spot has also provided a coffee garden as a characteristic of plantations located in the highlands of the mountains in the Bedugul region.

Now interestingly, not only enjoying the beauty of the beautiful flower garden and trying instagramable photo spots.

At The Bloom Garden Bedugul you can also try interesting rides, for example going around ATVs into the forest, swinging, riding a bicycle, trekking and there are also rides. interesting spirituality.

For those of you who are looking for an outbound place, we think this place is perfect.

Traveling and visiting tourist attractions The Bloom Garden Bedugul, you will find a variety of new experiences that are fun and make your vacation even more interesting and enjoyable because in this place you will feel the concept of a very beautiful Dutch garden.

With complete facilities, this place is very comfortable to linger here. Next, we will inform you about the price of admission to this tourist spot, along with the information.

Thus the review about The Bloom Garden Bedugul Instagramable Destinations, hopefully this is useful.

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