The Magical of Trunyan Village, How to Get There?

The Magical of Trunyan Village, How to Get There?

Hidden in the valley of Batur Caldera, Kintamani-Bali, Trunyan Village is a small village from the early centuries. Famous as the “Bali Aga” village, a native Balinese people. The village exists long before the Majapahit invasion to Bali, more than 1000 years ago.

Trunyan is another ancient village inhabited by people who call themselves “Bali Aga” or old Balinese who live in a very different way from other Balinese. The Bali Aga Temple in this village is named Puser Jagat, which means the Navel of the Universe. The architecture is very unusual, and stands in the shade of a large banyan tree.

What makes Trunyan so special? The corpse! Trunyan people retain an ancient magical funeral method. They are protective to their tradition, and it stays unchanged since centuries ago, when their ancestor decided not to bury their dead.

About Trunyan Village Kintamani

Not like other villages in Bali, when somebody passed away will be buried in the cemetery or if the “good day” permits, they will perform a cremation ritual.

The people of Trunyan lay down the corpse on the ground, and only covered by a woven bamboo. As a result, you can see the corpse decomposed by the nature. Magically, the stink is absorbed by the giant tree called “taru menyan” and none of you can smell it.

The people of Trunyan retain the graveyards to maximum ten. When the new corpse arrived, the oldest graveyard will be destroyed and new corpse will change its position. The skull of previous dead then moved and arranged in steps next to the graveyards.

During the funeral, the corpse is equipped with daily needs, such us toothbrush, lotion, money, clothes and many more. Some corpses even equipped with radio or TV.

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The Magical of Trunyan Village, How to Get There?

Trunyan is an archeological asset of Bali, the people of Trunyan Village is very proud of their social culture. The Indonesian well-known archaeologist, James Danandjaja has written the magic of Trunyan into a book, “Kebudayaan Petani Desa Trunyan”.

Trunyan is easily reached by small boat ride from Kedisan village for 40 minutes. For IDR 400,000/boat (accommodate up to 8 people) you can experience the magic of Trunyan and its cemetery.

Best Thing To Do Near Trunyan Village

Below are some thing to do you can take surrounding of trunyan, like :

Trunyan village is wedged tightly between the lake and the rim of the outer crater of Batur, Kintamani’s almighty volcano. This is the village of Bali Aga, inhabited by descendants of the original Balinese, people who predated the arrival of the Hindu kingdom of Majapahit in the 16th century.

It is famous for the Pancering Jagat Temple, but unfortunately visitors are not allowed to enter. There are also several traditional Balinese Aga-style houses, and a large banyan tree, which is said to be more than 1,100 years old.

In the Kuban hamlet near Trunyan is a mysterious graveyard separated by a lake and accessible only by boat, there are no trails along the steep walls of the crater rim.

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