Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

The Beauty of the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

The Beauty of the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida. Indonesia is a country that has extraordinary natural beauty, from Sabang to Merauke, there are hundreds of recommended tourist attractions that you can enjoy when the long holidays begin.

One of the provinces whose tourism center is well-known abroad is Bali because in this province there is stunning natural beauty, even one of the islands in Bali called Nusa Penida will give you the sensation of a cool vacation like abroad, especially on the Thousand Nusa Islands tourist attraction

For those of you who have dreams of going on vacation to Raja Ampat Papua but have limited funds, you can make this dream come true with less money by visiting Nusa Penida, to be precise, on the Thousand Islands tourist attraction.

Enjoy the natural beauty that is owned with your family, friends, or partner to enjoy the beauty and make your mind calmer.

The island of Bali does not only have an attraction on the island of the gods, but there are many tourist objects that you can enjoy both in downtown Bali and on small islands that are still part of the island of Bali.

Because the island of Bali itself is actually surrounded by lots of smaller islands that can make your vacation more enjoyable.

The island of a thousand Nusa Penida itself is very interesting to enjoy, the natural beauty and natural coolness that is presented is also very captivating.

About Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

The thousand islands themselves are in Klungkung Bali, where everyone or visitors who come to this island, both domestic and foreign visitors, will be amazed to enjoy the beauty of the island which is very pleasant.

So for those of you who intend to go to Bali, you must make Pulau Seribu an itinerary tour that you must visit, especially if you intend to go to Nusa Penida.

Before becoming a cool and captivating natural tourist attraction, this tourist attraction was previously better known as a religious tourism object for Hindus on the island of the gods, Bali or other areas around the island of the gods.

However, lately, with the increasingly beautiful Thousand Islands and the people’s desire to go to Raja Ampat, Papua has become increasingly restrained, making Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida the right choice for those of you who want to enjoy a Raja Ampat-style vacation.

As a public tourist attraction that has recently become very popular, it is a perfect choice for those of you who want to take a vacation, especially for a honeymoon.

Because this island also has many facilities that will make your vacation more enjoyable, so it’s not just taking pictures but you can also enjoy other holiday sensations that are no less cool.

Before you decide to go to Pulau Seribu, here is information about a number of things that you can consider so that you are even more interested in going to Nusa Penida to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali which feels like you are in Papua.

The Beauty of the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

How to Get to the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

To get to Nusa Penida itself, you have to go through a fairly long journey by crossing the ocean for about 30 minutes by speed boat from the port of Sanur in Denpasar to Nusa Penida.

The journey doesn’t stop there, but there are still many other trips that you have to take in order to get to Pulau Seribu as a tourist destination that you want to visit.

To reach Pulau Seribu, Nusa Penida, you have to go back on a road trip of approximately 1 hour starting from Buyuk Harbor to Pulau Seribu by driving a car or motorbike if you really prefer to ride a motorbike rather than driving a car which not everyone likes.

Along the road trip, you will enjoy natural beauty that is no less cool, because other tourist objects are also lined up on Nusa Penida. Because basically the tourist objects in Nusa Penida have a location that is not much different from one tourist attraction to another.

When you go to this thousand island tourist attraction, it’s not just that you will immediately enjoy the beauty that is in this tourist attraction. But you have to bother first to climb the cliff with stairs to enjoy the beauty of the cliff and the beach from the top of the cliff to see the natural beauty from the top of the cliff.

Existing Facilities on the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

When you get to the Thousand Islands tourist attraction, Nusa Penida, you will experience a number of facilities that are not small, these facilities support your comfort when you are on vacation with your family or friends.

There are facilities that are public in nature and are also paid if you use them because they do not include the entrance ticket facilities that you have paid for.

Parking lot

The first facility at this Nusa Penida tourist attraction is a parking lot, this facility is general in nature and does not set an hourly rate.

The most important thing is that you have paid for the entrance ticket and you can park your vehicle in the parking space provided, the parking lot is quite large so can accommodate many motorcycles and cars up to dozens of vehicles.

Stairs to the Top of the Cliff

]The next facility that you can get on Pulau Seribu, Nusa Penida, is that there is a ladder to the top of the cliff to help you enjoy the natural beauty from the top of the cliff which is so beautiful.

This ladder is made of a soil mixed with limestone which is quite simple but can function as a safety for visitors to hold on to when going to the top so that the journey becomes safer even though it is quite challenging.


If you don’t bring food or go to this tourist attraction, you don’t need to worry because there are many stalls around the tourist attraction, both in the area and outside the area.

So you can buy the food or drink you want, instead of carrying more complicated supplies, you can directly buy the food or drink that is being sold.


The last facility that is also available at this tourist attraction is a toilet, so you don’t need to worry when you have the urge to defecate or urinate.

To use this facility, you only need to pay 2,000 for urinating and 5,000 for defecating, so you don’t have to worry about stomach problems that sometimes don’t support you.

Thus the information regarding access and facilities owned by the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida tourist attraction that you can enjoy with your family or partner.

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