Trunyan Hill Trekking Bali

Trunyan Hill Trekking Bali

Trunyan Hill Trekking Bali is a natural adventure activity with a panoramic view of the Mount Batur Caldera and the beautiful Batur Lake. Then Bukit Songan Kintamani, a panoramic view of the beach that can be seen in the distance on the right.

Not only that, we can also see Mount Rinjani in Lombok, Mount Abang and the most beautiful panorama of the hills around Trunyan Hill Peak.

In addition to climbing the top of Trunyan Hill, we can also do Trunyan Hill Camp which has a wide and amazing camping area. Trunyan Hill camp has been managed for sure with the most beautiful natural beauty and facilities.

Trunyan Hill Trekking Bali

Along the way we will be presented with a panorama that is guaranteed to never get bored.
The peak of Trunyan Hill is in Trunyan Village, Kintamani Bangli. Which is an ancient village as the original Balinese village or Bali Aga. Trunyan village is located on the east side of Lake Batur.

Apart from being one of the old villages (Bali Aga), Trunyan Village is popular with the funerals of local residents who died. Where the bodies are not buried or burned like the Balinese tradition in general. but the bodies are only tarus under the tree. This tree has a strong smell and is able to neutralize the stench that comes out of this corpse.

Trunyan Hill Top Hiking Rute

The peak of Trunyan Hill is the peak of the hill above Trunyan Village which has a height of 1,834 meters above sea level. To climb the summit of Trunyan Hill, there are 2 climbing routes, namely:

Via the Trunyan Kintamani Bangli Village route. But the route that is commonly used is through Trunyan Village near Pancering Jagat Temple, Trunyan Village.

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The second is through the Tim Village route, Tianyar Karangasem. Precisely located in the eastern part of Bali. This Trunyan hill climbing route is very rarely chosen by climbers.

Trunyan Hill Trekking Bali

Tips and Guides Before Trunyan Hill Trekking Bali

We need time to get to the top of Trunyan Hill at the fastest 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours. Adventure Nature must pay attention to many things so that the journey is smooth and the intention of all is to return home safely.

  1. The nature of Bali is indeed thick with a spiritual or magical aura, many places are sacred so that people who arrive do not carelessly do something.
  2. There are several prohibitions that must be obeyed, because if not, it is believed that something bad will happen to those who violate them, including when they go to the top of Trunyan hill.
  3. Speak politely and don’t talk dirty. Norms exist in Nature are really upheld.
  4. Women who have obstacles should postpone other activities that are not good for health in Bali, it is believed that women who have obstacles (cuntaka) do not arrive at certain holy places or places.
  5. Prepare yourself physically, physically, and psychologically for trips in outdoor activities, especially hiking or climbing.
  6. Bring sufficient and equalized logistics. Do not bring food with four legs, especially cows.
  7. Bring a change of clothes to anticipate and a raincoat to anticipate when it rains
  8. Invite local people or guides so that the trip is comfortable and there are no events leading up to it, especially traveling at night
  9. Don’t throw trash carelessly and take the trash down.

For friends who want to go there, want to know more complete information about climbing Trunyan Hill, you can contact this Mount Batur Trekking guide service.

They have many climbing services one of which is climbing this trunyan hill. So using the services of a guide is really needed when you go to Trunyan Hill. Do not try to climb Trunyan hill without a guide because the risk of getting lost is very large.

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Make your trip safer with local Kintamani people who already know all the information about how to get to the top of Trunyan hill.

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