Tukad Barong Waterfall

Tukad Barong Waterfall; Location and how to get there

Tukad Barong Waterfall; Location and how to get there. For those of you who love nature, especially waterfalls? Now there is a new waterfall attraction has been found, called Tukad Barong Waterfall. Because it is located on the Barong River in Banjar Umbalan, Yangapi Village, Tembuku, Bangli. Therefore, local residents call it the tukad barong waterfall.

It is included in the Central Bali tourist map. The Bangli region is one of the regencies that does not have a coastal area. So it does not have a beach attraction. However, Bangli regency which is located in the highlands has a number of tourist destinations that are quite popular including Kintamani volcano, Trunyan village, Penglipuran village, Kehen temple, mountains and Lake Batur that appear attractive and beautiful.

Tukad Barong Waterfall Location

Attractions in Bangli become tourist destination in addition to the beach on the island of Bali. Tembuku subdistrict itself, offers a number of natural attractions waterfalls, besides Tukad Barong waterfalls.

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There is also a Tukad Cepung waterfall. Which is now a trend and hits with instagramable beautiful natural charm.

Tukad Barong Waterfall

Location In the Tembuku region there is also a Tibumana waterfall, Tukad Tangkup and Goa Giri Campuhan waterfalls. And now the existence of Tukad Barong waterfalls adds to the list of natural tourism waterfalls in the Regency of Bangli, especially in the Tembuku District area.

When Tukad Barong Waterfall was found?

The new Tukad Barong waterfall opens around July 2019. So that it occupies one of the latest tourist attractions on the island of Bali. besides Tukad Barong, a number of natural tourist destinations are the latest waterfalls in Bangli regency including Pelisan village.

Langgahan waterfall and Pelangi waterfall (Rainbow waterfall) in Bebalang, all of which offer different charms and uniqueness and can be the next tour and recreation destination when you are on holiday in Central Bali.

How to reach Tukad Barong waterfall

To reach this waterfall, visitors must walk as far as 1 kilometer. By crossing the plantations, along the way you will be spoiled with beautiful natural scenery with attractive rural nature. Continuing your footsteps, it will meet with a 5 meter long root bridge.

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It was formed naturally due to the existence of an old Bunut tree that has hundreds of years old. This bridge will become an interesting spot for visitors to simply take selfies with a beautiful and instagramable background.

After the root bridge, you continue your journey along the river with its clear water flow. The next through a beautiful and attractive cliff passageway, it also becomes an interesting spot to capture your trip.

The last, you will arrive in a cave where you can see the waterfall in in a cave as if the water came down from the sky. The natural charm of the Tukad Barong waterfall is indeed unique and interesting with cliffs around the waterfall.

The Best Way to Get Waterfall

Tukad Barong waterfall is so charming and beautiful, indeed a number of interesting places that you can enjoy while in this tourist area. For those of you who want to explore this place, we recommend using a private car charter with a local driver, why? because this waterfall is categorized as a new one, of course it’s a little hard to find it.

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Together with a local driver or guide will certainly help your trip be more efficient. Besides visiting this place, you can also combine it with several other interesting places.

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