Uluwatu Temple Dress Code

Uluwatu Temple Dress Code

Uluwatu Temple Dress Code – Uluwatu Temple is a Hindu temple located in Bali, Indonesia. As a place of worship, visitors are expected to follow a dress code to show respect for the religious significance of the temple.

The Uluwatu Temple dress code requires visitors to cover their feet with a sarong or long skirt, and cover their shoulders with a shawl or shawl. This temple provides rental of sarongs and shawls for visitors who are not wearing proper attire.

Uluwatu Temple dress code

For women, it is recommended to wear a long skirt or dress that covers the knees, and a blouse or shirt that covers the shoulders. Sleeveless tops or dresses and shorts or miniskirts are not allowed.

As we know when visiting any temple in Bali, both men and women must wear a sarong, shawl or sash tied around their waist.

Sarongs and sashes are provided at Uluwatu Temple, and you can use them for free, as long as you visit the temple.

For men, it is advisable to wear trousers or trousers and a shirt that covers the shoulders. Sleeveless tops or shirts and shorts are not allowed.

It is also advised to remove a hat or other head covering before entering the shrine as a sign of respect.

Overall, visitors should dress modestly and appropriately for places of worship. By following the dress code, visitors can show respect for the shrine and its religious significance.

Uluwatu Temple Opening Hours

Uluwatu Temple is open to visitors every day from 09.00 to 19.00, and for worship purposes it is open 24 hours every day.

Generally around the clock is a good time to visit Uluwatu Temple although you may find it rains at night during the rainy season.

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Come between March and September for the best chance of seeing the bright sunset over Uluwatu.

Other behavioral tips to follow are:

  1. Do not take photos directly in front of the congregation.
  2. Don’t Step Over or Step on the Offerings – Small offerings called canang sari are often left unattended on the ground. Palm leaves are woven into small squares and flower petals for herbs, money, snacks are inside. These offerings are to appease the spirit. Be careful where you walk.
  3. As long as you remember that the temple you are in is a hall of reverence for the Balinese, and treat it as such, your visit to the temple is sure to bring you the happiness and enlightenment you seek.

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