11 Villas in Nusa Penida

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

Vacationing is really needed, especially after feeling tired from work or stress from facing reality. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Indonesia, even some of these beautiful places have not been exposed. Well, one of the tourist attractions that you can visit is Nusa Penida. After deciding to go to this island, you also need to know the villas on Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida itself has extraordinary natural charm. Not just one, but dozens of places offering beautiful views. That is why this island is the best tourist destination on the island of Bali. So, apart from hotels, you can also rent a villa to spend your vacation on Nusa Penida.

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Villas in Nusa Penida

Choosing a villa as a place to rest as well as a place to enjoy the sights of Nusa Penida is indeed the right choice. Some of the villas below can be used as a reference for resting.

1.Miko Bali Bungalows

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

The following villas in Nusa Penida provide complete room and facilities. Thus making the visitors feel at home for long here. Especially the service is no less quality.You can enjoy indoor bathrooms, Wi-Fi, cleaning services, extra long clothes, swimming pools, parking lots, clothes ironing services, you can even rent a car or bicycle at this place.

2.Crystal Bay Villa & Residence

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

Furthermore, you can choose this villa to rest with such a luxurious appearance. The location is close to Asih Uug beach, so you can enjoy relaxing time while looking at the beautiful beach views. And the distance to Ngurah Rai airport is about 50 minutes.

The price offered is quite expensive, but don’t worry, the facilities provided are completely complete, shuttle service, then 24-hour front desk service. Plus a beautiful view that you can enjoy at any time.

3.The Angkal

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

This villa in Nusa Penida is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the amazingly beautiful sea views of Nusa Penida. The location of this inn is close to the Goa Giri Putri temple and close to the port location.

You can rest here casually enjoying the quiet atmosphere while playing on your cellphone, because free WiFi is available. If you feel confused or need something, you can immediately contact the receptionist. They are ready to serve 24 hours a day

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4.Nusa Garden Bungalows

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

Not only comfortable, this villa also offers low prices per night. And lifting is recommended for those of you who are on vacation, but still want to save money. Don’t worry, the facilities provided are adequate so you can make yourself feel at home.

The appearance is also simple, like an ordinary house. Even so, the villa tries to provide the best service. You can also still feel calm and certainly comfortable to rest.

5.Nyuh Benngkok Tree

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

This villa in Nusa Penida offers a unique lodging concept. Yes, this inn makes you have to sleep in a tree house. Wow, cool right? Not only that, you will also feel the sensation of silence as if you were in the middle of a forest.

Even though it carries the concept of nature, the facilities provided are still the best. You can still enjoy the internet with free WiFi facilities, and there is a kitchen that you can use for cooking.

6.Boga Segara Villa and Resto

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

You can also get a calm and peaceful atmosphere while resting here. The appearance of the villa that looks magnificent and aesthetic makes this villa suitable for you to make a place to unwind after sightseeing.

Facilities in the form of free wifi, parking, ala carte breakfast, children’s playground, and best of all, you can enjoy views of the beach. In the afternoon you can enjoy the sunset and in the morning enjoy the sunrise, which really spoils the eye.

7.Adiwana Warnakali Resort

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

This one villa is indeed quite expensive, but don’t get me wrong, the facilities you will get are commensurate with that price. You can enjoy beautiful views of the beach and can be a relaxing friend.

Not only that, other facilities such as a spa will make you more relaxed while enjoying your vacation, then WiFi facilities, airport shuttle services, swimming pool with panoramic views, soundproof rooms, cleaning services, bathtubs, and other facilities are very commensurate with the price offered.

8.Reef Lembongan Resort & Spa

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

The following villas in Nusa Penida really make you spoiled with a variety of facilities. The best facilities and services are provided in accordance with the expensive price per night, which is 3 million per night.

As the name implies, this place is closer to Nusa Lembongan than Nusa Penida. Even so, this place will make you feel at home with its various facilities such as; Wi-Fi, Spa, gym, childcare, free breakfast, airport shuttle, stunning beach view, and other facilities.

9.MAUA Nusa Pedina

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

Next, you will be presented with a simple but elegant villa appearance. Not only elegant but also offers views towards the offshore, which allows you to enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

In addition, you can also enjoy the available rooms and existing facilities. Such as a spa to make you more relaxed, adult and children’s swimming pools, available safes, cleaning services, mini bars, TV, separate living rooms, and other facilities.

10.Green Bamboo Penida

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

As the name implies, when you choose to stay in one of the villas in Nusa Penida, the green view really refreshes your eyes. Located 5.5 KM from the city center and surrounded by lots of trees, this place is quiet and comfortable for a vacation and rest.

This villa is truly in the Nusa Penida location by offering an outdoor swimming pool, garden, restaurant, WiFi, natural views, air conditioning and a dining area in each unit, and serving a la carte breakfast. This place provides the best service for visitors and many people choose to rest in this place.

11.Apit Lawang Nusa Penida

11 Villas in Nusa Penida

This villa in Nusa Penida offers recreational facilities such as a fishing spot, swimming pool, or you can enjoy the view on the terrace. Has extra bed facilities and provides free breakfast. For lunch and dinner we can visit the B&B restaurant.

You can also get reception service for 24 hours, free Wi-Fi, and this place is also very suitable to be used as a honeymoon place for newlyweds. The atmosphere is very supportive, feels more romantic, and is like a private villa.

So, those are some villas in Nusa Penida that you can use as a reference. Even though some of the villas have expensive prices, they are in accordance with the facilities provided.

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Surely you won’t be disappointed, if it feels too expensive you can still enjoy a villa at a low price. In Bali, there are lots of cheap but good quality accommodations available, so don’t worry about spending too much money while on vacation in Nusa Penida.

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