Nusa Penida Island – Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Island – Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Island since 4 years ago has become the favorite destination of tourists while on vacation to Bali. Not surprisingly, the natural scenery in Nusa Penida Island is indeed unique and you could say there are rarely other tourist attractions in Indonesia that can match it.

Well, but because Nusa Penida Island is a bit far and you have to cross the island, you might be a bit lazy because you are afraid of being complicated.

Best Time to Visit Nusa Penida Island?

I think the best time to visit Nusa Penida Island is during the low season months AND the middle between the rainy and dry seasons.

In Bali, High Season is July-August (school holidays and Eid al-Fitr) and December (end of year holidays).

Why rainy and dry season?

Because in my opinion, during the dry season, the natural scenery in Nusa Penida becomes arid brownish and not as beautiful as what you see on Instagram.

Meanwhile, during the rainy season, you will definitely find it difficult to walk on this island.

So considering the reasons above, the best time to visit Nusa Penida Island is between February – June when Bali is in Low Season and it doesn’t rain much.

Who can go to Nusa Penida Island

Actually, anyone would want a vacation to Nusa Penida. However, because the crossing facilities are still not good and the road conditions are bad… I really don’t recommend people who are elderly or unfit to vacation in Nusa Penida.

First, to ride a fastboat, tourists are usually required to plunge into the sea (up to their knees) and get on the boat. If there are waves, of course it will be more difficult for the elderly to ride.

Then, the road conditions with many potholes make traveling by car in Nusa Penida not very comfortable.

From experience, many of my elderly guests complain because their buttocks hurt or are nauseous.

Not to mention, to visit some of the best spots in Nusa Penida, you are required to sweat a little and do some trekking. So, overall I do not recommend parents to come to Nusa Penida.

How to Get to Nusa Penida Island from Bali

Actually there are several ways to cross to Nusa Penida, starting by using a ferry from Padang Bai Harbor or a fastboat from Sanur Beach, Serangan Harbor and Kusamba Beach (Klungkung).

However, if you are staying in the South Bali area (Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu and surrounding areas), then the nearest fast boat crossing is via Matahari Terbit Beach in Sanur.

How much does a fast boat ticket to Nusa Penida Island cost?

Arriving at Matahari Terbit Beach in Sanur, you will find lots of fast boat companies heading to Nusa Penida Island.

Actually, almost all existing fast boats are more or less the same in terms of service level (at least there are ships that are a little cleaner than the others).

However, what you need to pay more attention to is the schedule for departure to Nusa Penida and return to Sanur.

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And one more stop for every boat in Nusa Penida. Customize the pier in Nusa Penida Island with your itinerary.

Complete details of fast boat boat options to Nusa Penida and their respective prices can be seen in the following table:

Fast Boat NamePort in NusaDeparture TimeReturn TimeTicket Price (One Way)
Mola Mola ExpressSampalan07:30 15:3008:30 16:30Rp 150.000
MarutiToya Pakeh07:30 15:0007:00 16:30Rp 200.000
El Rey JrBanjar Nyuh08:00 10:45 15:0009:15 14:15 17:00Rp 150.000
GogunBanjar Nyuh08:1517:00Rp 130.000
YamunaBuyuk08:00 09:0007:30 16:30Rp 135.000
Idola ExpressSampalan08:15 10:30 14:30 17:0007:00 13:00 16:00 17:00Rp 150.000
Dwi ManunggalBanjar Nyuh08:15 11:00 15:30 17:3007:00 09:00 14:30 17:00Rp 150.000
Crown Fast CruiseBanjar Nyuh08:15 11:15 15:1509:15 13:15 16:30Rp 150.000

4 Ports in Nusa Penida Island

1. Buyuk Harbor: Suitable for those of you who depart from Padang Bai or Kusamba and bring your own vehicle.

2. Toya Pakeh Harbor: Many fast boats from Sanur land here and are suitable for those of you who want to explore the West Nusa Penida area

3. Banjar Nyuh Harbor: Not too far from Toya Pakeh and closest to Sanur Beach (only 35 minutes)

4. Sampalan Harbor: One of the first ports in Nusa Penida and is the pier for the most famous Fasboats. Suitable for those of you who want to explore the East Nusa Penida area.

Tourist Destinations in Nusa Penida Island

Maybe you already know, tourist attractions in Nusa Penida itself are divided into 3 regions, namely West, East and South.

Most people think that because the island of Nusa Penida is much smaller than Bali, they can get around all the tourist spots in 1 day.

But unfortunately, because the road facilities in Nusa Penida are quite small and many are still damaged… so this trip in Nusa Penida usually takes quite a long time.

Well, if you only want to visit one area, you can spend a day or take a day tour service for a holiday in Bali.

But if you really want to be satisfied enjoying all the natural beauty plus watching the sunset plus snorkeling or diving, then I recommend staying at least 2 to 3 days in Nusa Penida.

Okay now we will review one by one for each tourist destination in Nusa Penida:

West Nusa Penida

We start with tourist attractions in West Nusa Penida, which are already famous on Instagram. In addition to the easiest access, West Nusa Penida does have beautiful spots.

Not surprisingly, these destinations in West Nusa Penida are the most crowded among other areas.

Pasih Uwug (Broken Beach)

Nusa Penida Island - Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida

Usually, if you join our tour, then you will be taken first to visit this beautiful cliff.

At first glance, the name Pasih Uwug comes from the words beach (pasih) and damaged (uwug) or means broken beach.

Even so, there’s actually no beach here, friend! Instead, you are treated to a large area with a giant hole in the middle. It was as if the ground there collapsed and formed an ocean.

Oh yes, Pasih Uwug can also be an alternative for you to enjoy the sunset on Nusa Penida!

Angel’s Billabong

Nusa Penida Island - Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida

Well, while you are in Pasih Uwug, just walk west for about 500 meters. You will arrive at the edge of the cliff with a natural pool facing directly to the sea.

This place is called Angels Billabong.

For those of you who like to swim, you can swim in Angels Billabong AS long as the sea waves are not too big.

But.. mimin suggest not to swim too close to the edge of the pool, because if the waves come they can be swept into the sea hiyyy

Kelingking Beach Cliff View Point

Most Amazing Places in Bali to Visit

I’m sure you’ve often seen friends or influencers taking pictures on the edge of the Kelingking cliff viewpoint which is shaped like a Tyranosaurus head.

The view from the top of this hill is truly amazingly beautiful, especially at sunset.

Oh yes, under Kelingking hill there is a clean white beach that is really amazing.

However, there is a but, friend.

The road to the beach is quite steep and dangerous. Especially for those of you who are not used to exercising, the journey back up these stairs can make you feel like you are undergoing torture.

Crystal Bay Beach

Nusa Penida Island - Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida
Photo Credit by

Almost all tour visitors to Nusa Penida (Half Day) will usually be taken to Crystal Bay Beach at the end of their trip for the day.

The reason is simple, because the place is beautiful and suitable for ending the day after traveling all day in West Nusa Penida.

For those of you who like to see the beauty of coral and fish under the sea, you can do snorkeling here.

And, if you go to Nusa Penida around July to September, there is a chance you can find giant Mola Mola fish that swim to the sea surface to sunbathe.

East Nusa Penida

To be honest, East Nusa Penida is not inferior (even cooler in my opinion) than West Nusa Penida.

The variety of tourist attractions in East Nusa Penida is also quite diverse.

And… what can be a consideration for you, East Nusa Penida is not as busy as West Nusa Penida.

So it is more comfortable for those of you who want to enjoy a vacation away from the crowds.

Goa Giri Putri Temple

Nusa Penida Island - Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case.. Don’t judge Goa by its entrance. Yes, the entrance to Goa Giri Putri is very small, about 80 cm. If you want to enter, you must be prepared to duck, hold your breath and shrink your stomach. This is cool..
After you arrive in Goa, suddenly you will find a very large area of ​​​​the room.

Even in this cave, there is a temple that is often used by Hindus in Nusa Penida to pray. Unmitigated, this cave can fit 5,000 people!!

Oh yes, as in general, for those of you who are menstruating, you are prohibited from entering. And you are required to dress modestly.

Raja Lima (Thousand Island)

Nusa Penida Island - Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida

You must be familiar with the Tree House in Nusa Penida photo like the photo below, right?

The name of the tree house is Moleleng Tree House

Now, this beautiful Raja Ampat-style view behind the Molenteng Tree House is called Raja Lima.

Maybe the name was inspired by Raja Ampat, right? Ampat, Five, Six #ehh…

Now in Raja Lima, you can see the sunrise (sunrise) which is decorated by rock cliffs that rise high out of the sea level. This area is one you MUST

Atuh Beach

Atun Beach

This is one place in Nusa Penida that should be mandatory but is still rarely visited by tourists.

How can you? Unfortunately, the location of Atuh Beach is far from the port. If you do not specialize in visiting the East area, it will not allow you to catch the Fast boat schedule back to Sanur.

Then why should you go to Atuh Beach? the view is amazing!

If Klingking has an island in the shape of a T-Rex, then Atuh Beach has a cliff in the shape of an ancient giant turtle. This is what makes Atuh Beach feel like in a fairy tale.

In addition, the beach has soft white sand with a wide beach lip. So, you can relax on the clothesline without being disturbed by many people here!

Diamond Beach ( Pantai Diamond )

Nusa Penida Island - Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida

When you see a photo of Berlian Beach, you must think.. “it’s similar to Atuh Beach, huh?”

Naturally, because the location of Diamond Beach aka Diamond Beach can be reached only 5 minutes walk from Atuh Beach.

It’s not surprising that the view is eleven – tweleve, it’s the same as Atuh.

However, this Diamond Beach is rapidly gaining popularity. Want to know the reason why?

In addition to having made stairs so that it is easier and safer to access, at Diamond Beach Beach there are Swing facilities like in Ubud.

Yups, so a giant swing is tied to 2 towering coconut trees. Hmmm.. that’s fun!

Tanglad Hill (Teletubbies Hill)

Nusa Penida Island - Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida

I know for sure you think the name is really weird during the Teletubbies Hill?

Actually, this is because of the shape of the topography of the Tanglad Hill area which somehow resembles the Hill in the children’s film Teletubbies.

The shape is very unique and stacked.

Many people use Tanglad Hill as a place for pre-wedding photos. Even Tanglad Hill is included in the Best Prewedding Place in Bali for the Bali Holiday version.

That’s all right, bro… be careful in choosing the shooting date. When it’s dry, the photos here feel really ZONK!

Suwehan Beach

Nusa Penida Guide
Photo credit: IG @kuyjalan

The last place you can visit in East Nusa Penida is Suwehan Beach.

Among all the rocky beaches in Nusa Penida, you could say Suwehan Beach is the most accessible.

The stairs down to the beach are only 300 steps (what!!) and are equipped with wooden handles.

Arriving at the beach, you can enjoy a 400 meter wide beach and a spiky rock that rises alone (singles). Almost always this beach is empty, friend. Alias ​​rarely visited by tourists.

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But be careful, if the tide is high, the shoreline is eroded by sea water and leaves no place for you to relax on the sand.

South Nusa Penida

If East Nusa Penida is rarely visited by tourists, this southern area is even more a hidden gem.

Of all the regions, South Nusa Penida is the farthest.

If you really want to explore this area, I still recommend staying at least one night in Nusa Penida.

That way you can at least explore the South and enjoy the most beautiful sunset in your life on Nusa Penida.

Okay, now we discuss tourist attractions in South Nusa Penida:

Tembeling Beach Pool

Tembeling Beach

If you swim in Angel’s Billabong you have to bear the risk of being attracted by the waves, this is a much safer and more beautiful place for you to soak all day.

Precisely in Tembeling Forest. When you walk down the stairs, you will arrive at a natural pool that has super clear, cool and…

Yups, very few people visit this place because it’s really far away.

Enjoy your private pool in the middle of the forest!

Banah Cliff View Point

Do you believe in the saying “Effort does not disappoint results?” Well, this is one of the toughest destinations to go by car or motorbike. Why?

Until this article was written, the road to Bukit Banah was still not good and rocky.

But, if you are determined, you will arrive at one of the best sunset viewing spots in Nusa Penida.

Bukit Banah has 2 views to watch the sunset.

The first one faces west where you can see Kelingking Hill in the distance. While in the East, there is a large boulder with a hole that is the main attraction of this Banah Hill. Prepare a beer and enjoy the view!

Peguyangan Waterfall

Nusa Penida Island - Complete Guide to Visit Nusa Penida

Unlike most waterfalls in Bali, don’t expect to see a rushing waterfall here. You could say the water in Peguyangan Waterfall is small and small.

However, this place provides a different experience compared to other waterfalls in Bali.

First, the view of the open sea here makes the heart cool and calm.

Second, here you can find about 900 iconic blue stairs that are often used as photo backgrounds on Instagram.

The fun thing is, if you go down these stairs, you will arrive at a small coakan like a cave and have a natural pool that directly faces the open sea. Swimming here is like having an infinity pool in a luxury hotel!

Manta Point

Manta Poin snorkeling

This destination is specifically for those who like snorkeling and diving.

As you know, Nusa Penida is famous for having 2 types of fish that are rare in Indonesia, namely Mola Mola fish and Manta fish.

Well, actually there are 2 locations where you can find Manta fish, namely Manta Bay in the West and Manta Point in the South.

Uniquely, Manta Bay is where they eat and Manta Point is where they spend most of their time.

No wonder you have a greater chance of seeing and swimming with Manta fish in Manta Bay.

Eh, but there are certain times where you can’t see them at all huh. So, no high expectations okay!

Where to Stay in Nusa Penida Island

Usually, if you take a one or two night Nusa Penida trip with Bali Holidays, we have prepared the best lodging for you.

But, if you really want to go alone, here are some recommendations for lodging in Nusa Penida that we think are comfortable and good.

Hotels in Nusa Penida Near City Center

The endless views of the island of Nusa Penida, in fact, you can enjoy freely at the following hotels.

Adiwana Warnakali Resort

Adiwana Warnakali Resort

This hotel in Nusa Penida is not too far from the mangrove beach, about 2.6 KM and 13 KM from Broken Beach. This hotel offers a very beautiful view of Nusa Penida beach at a price of 1.2 JT / night and the distance to the city center is about 7.8 KM.

Not only that, this hotel is also close to Ngurah Rai International Airport which is about 35 KM. The facilities you will feel are an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, room service and 24-hour reception, bar, you can also get married with a cafe-style breakfast.

Mesare Resort

Mesare Resort Nusa Penida Guide

This place has a fairly close distance to the city center, which is about 4.8 KM. This place also has a strategic location from Peguyungan waterfall about 3 KM, from thousand islands 9 KM and 41 KM to Ngurah Rai International Airport.

This hotel has a garden and terrace in Nusa Penida. The maids are also excellent, 24-hour front desk, American-style dining, free bathroom amenities, outdoor swimming pool, each room comes with a balcony and seating area.

Luxury Spa and Ocean Terrace Suits

Luxury Spa and Ocean Terrace Suits

This hotel in Nusa Penida offers views of the elegant swimming pool, you can enjoy the garden and terrace. Amazingly, this hotel is 1.5 km from Batununggul Rastafara beach, 5.5 KM from the city center, and 76 KM from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The facilities provided are also quite complete, ranging from service and a 24-hour reception. Then private bathroom, AC, TV, foreign currency exchange service. Even cooler, you can rent a car or bicycle. So you can enjoy the beach view using a bicycle and driving a car to explore the beauty of Nusa Penida.

Akusara Jungle Resort and Spa

Akusara Jungle Resort and Spa Nusa Penida

The location of this hotel in Nusa Penida from the city center is 4.7 KM and is the closest location to Prapat beach 2.2 KM. If you choose this hotel as a resting place, you will be provided with facilities such as TV, AC, private bathroom, outdoor swimming pool with refreshing green views.

Not only that, you will enjoy a continental breakfast in the holiday garden. The view of the green and fresh trees is very soothing. You can also rent a car or bicycle, and you can request a pick up service at Ngurah Rai international airport.

Cave Beach Bungalow

Cave Beach Bungalow

If you want to get married, the offshore scenery is not far from the city center, 4.8 KM away you can choose this beach. While relaxing or swimming in the pool, you can enjoy a nice and beautiful sunset behind the outdoor pool.

To get it you have to visit the pool view, because in this place there are several swimming pools. Other facilities such as breakfast, private bathroom, private swimming pool, there are several choices of rooms and other satisfying facilities.

Putri Nusa Beach

Putri Nusa Beach

The location of this hotel in Nusa Penida is not far from the city center, only 5.4 km away. Beautiful beach views, 1.6 km from Prapat beach, will spoil your eyes here. Not only that, the outdoor swimming pool provides a fresh feel to unwind.

You can also use the accommodation’s shuttle service to the nearest Ngurah Rai airport, which is 72 KM away. Not only that, you can also enjoy seating facilities, tv, shower, bathtub, free toiletries, and other services.

Jungle Paradise

Jungle Paradise

It is 3.7 km from the city center, making this hotel easy to reach. The view is refreshing to the eyes and away from the crowds, making this place suitable for a vacation, especially for those who are on their honeymoon. Because the hotel provides a very romantic atmosphere for couples.

The place also serves a la carte continental breakfast. It provides an outdoor swimming pool, sundeck, bath trip equipped with a hairdryer, and the fun thing is that you can snorkel around this place.

Green Bamboo Penida

Green Bamboo Penida

As the name implies, when you choose to stay at one of the hotels in Nusa Penida, the green scenery is really refreshing to the eyes. Located 5.5 KM from the city center and surrounded by many trees, this place is quiet and comfortable to be a vacation spot.

This hotel is truly located in the Nusa Penida location by offering an outdoor swimming pool, garden, restaurant, WiFi, natural views, air conditioning and dining area in each unit, as well as serving a la carte breakfast.

Popular Places to Eat on Nusa Penida Island

In this discussion, we will discuss information on a number of recommendations for places to eat that are quite popular in Nusa Penida which are visited by many.

Based on the tour destinations in the same direction to a number of popular tourist objects on the island with the best menu choices, several places to eat or restaurants that offer beautiful natural views like when the sunset arrives.

Amok sunset bar

Amok sunset bar

This restaurant in Nusa Penida is a favorite choice for tourists who are located in the Gamat Bay area, Sakti village of Nusa Penida.

This restaurant is a favorite choice for tourists, which is located in the Gamat Baya area, Sakti village, Nusa Penida. Amok sunset Bar provides a variety of menu choices for lunch and dinner, including various types of cocktails that you can enjoy while relaxing accompanied by beautiful and beautiful sea views.

Interestingly, when in the afternoon, from this restaurant you can see the natural sunset perfectly, including the natural scenery of Mount Agung on the island of Bali featuring instagramable natural scenery.

Then relax in the restaurant, or swim accompanied by beautiful natural scenery which will certainly provide a special tourist experience.

Jukung stalls in Nusa Penida

Jukung stalls in Nusa Penida

Hunting for culinary on the island of Nusa Penida is the right choice if the popular restaurant is Warung Jukung.

This restaurant is well known by tourists who vacation to the island of Nusa Penida, including tour agents and tour drivers will recommend this restaurant as an ideal culinary tourism destination.

The price of food offered from this restaurant is also more affordable. The location of the restaurant is on Jalan Batumulapan, Batununggul.

Nusa Penida, located adjacent to a white sand beach, so while you eat food you can enjoy the natural beauty of the blue sea with instagramable nature.

Some of the menu choices offered include grilled fish, burgers, fries, pizza, fried rice and many others.

NG stalls in Nusa Penida

Located on the main highway of the village of Sakti Nusa Penida. As the name suggests, this place is a warung but with a restaurant class.

Offering a variety of classy restaurant menus such as International, Asian and Indonesian menus, so the menu is more varied, the restaurant is quite simple but clean.

The price given is also the price of the stall so that it becomes an ideal dining place for those of you who have an economical budget.

This restaurant is on the West route of Nusa Penida, so those of you who schedule a tour to the west with Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach tourist destinations, you can stop and eat at this restaurant, because the location is in the same direction as the tour and also close together.

Secret Penida Cafe

This classy restaurant provides the best dining offer which is very strategically located on the side of the main road on the Ped – Buyuk highway, Nusa Penida, making it easy to access when you schedule a tour to the west or a tour to the east.

Some of the menus offered at Secret Penida Cafe include Chicken Avocadi Salad, Penida Power Salad, couscous salad and various other types including various coffee drinks and juices. This restaurant is currently the best recommendation from tripadvisor.

Warung Lonto Nusa Penida

Enjoying culinary tours in Nusa Penida with special food offerings and delicious flavors, you can choose Lonto stalls as a place to eat.

Become breakfast or lunch which is sometimes a destination for tourists when they stop by while on a tour. The location is in Batununggul, Nusa Penida.

It’s is very easy to reach and is on the main route of the Nusa Penida tour route, so it is always crowded with visitors.

Warung Lonto itself provides quality and also quality including service from friendly staff. Recommended and gets more positive reviews. This restaurant has also provided a vegetarian food menu.

Ogix Warung Nusa Penida

The last recommendation is that Ogix Warung in Penida provides various types of delicious food and also offers stunning views of the sea.

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So Ogix Warung is known to be an ideal place for dining. Various types of seafood menus are provided, Asian menus and of course also Indonesian menus.

What do you need to prepare go to Nusa Penida Island?

My advice is just pack a light because it’s a bit difficult to carry a suitcase up on a fastboat.

But bring the following items, well, because in this places can get a little hot:

  1. Hat
  2. sunblock
  3. Slippers
  4. Mosquito Lotion (Mosquito Repellent)
  5. Jacket (if staying)
  6. First aid medicine
  7. Enough money (a bit hard to find an ATM)

Well, I think the information above is enough, you can decide your own vacation. Or if you don’t want to be complicated and want to make your vacation more exciting, choose one of the trusted Bali tour package service providers with lots of reviews and recommendations

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