Wanagiri Hidden Hill – 6 Instagramable Photo Spots

Wanagiri Hidden Hill – 6 Instagramable Photo Spots

Wanagiri Hidden Hill – 6 Instagramable Photo Spots – The Island of the Gods Bali is well known for its title as a heavenly island. Where the island of Bali is recognized as having a very charming natural beauty. This has also been recognized by the world, even Bali is called one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

The island of Bali itself has many tourist attractions that are very popular among tourists, both local tourists and foreign tourists. One of the tourist attractions that are quite famous include Kuta Beach Bali, Tanah Lot, and many others.

Currently, many new tourist attractions have been opened to add to the list of tours in Bali. One that is quite popular among millennials is Wanagiri Hill. The peak of Wanagiri itself is in Wanagiri Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng, Bali.

As the name implies, Wanagiri Hidden Hill is located in the highlands, allowing tourists to enjoy the natural panorama of Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan.

Both lakes are surrounded by forests that surround the countryside. And you need to know, too, that Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan are twin lakes. Well, along the way to get there, you will also see several photo spots of Wanagiri hill which are quite diverse and unique as the main attraction of these tourist attractions.

At Wanagiri hill, there are lots of environmentally friendly buildings made of bamboo and used as a shop. Some of these environmentally friendly buildings are also made with quite unique shapes.

In this environmentally friendly building, you will see the shape of the building that resembles a boat, nest of eggs, to butterflies. The purpose of making this unique eco-friendly building is to attract tourists to visit Wanagiri hidden hill and so as not to damage the surrounding nature.

Wanagiri Hidden Hill – 6 Instagramable Photo Spots

In addition, at Wanagiri Hill, there are also several photo spots that are quite instagramable to make your photos more interesting. The following will mention some unique photo spots in the Wanagiri Hill area.

1. Swing

Wanagiri Hidden Hill – 6 Instagramable Photo Spots

The first photo spot for Wanagiri Hill is the swing area. Where if you go to visit this Wanagiri hills tourist spot, besides being able to enjoy the natural panorama that is quite indulgent to the eye, you can also try one ride that is quite extreme, namely the swing ride.

This swing toy hangs on a large tree which is quite far above the Buyan Lake area. So, if you try to ride this swing, then you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Buyan from above.

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However, you need to remember that never try to play this swing if you have a phobia of heights. Do not also try it without direct supervision from the party in charge. In addition, to enjoy this swing ride, you will also be charged for a one-time trial per person.

2. Titanic Boat

Wanagiri Hidden Hill – 6 Instagramable Photo Spots

The next pretty instagramable photo spot for Wanagiri Peak is the Titanic Boat. This photo spot was deliberately made to resemble the Titanic boat. The concept of this boat is also quite unique, where the manufacture itself uses materials from bamboo rods, making it so unique.

Not only that, this photo spot which is quite unique is also equipped with a very charming background of the panoramic view of Lake Buyan. The photos that will be produced later will definitely look very instagenic.

If the condition of the Wanagiri Hill tourist spot is crowded, then you have to be willing to queue to enjoy the photo spots from this Titanic boat. Well, to take pictures here, you just have to pay a voluntary fee in exchange for the maintenance fee so that it doesn’t get damaged easily.

3. Butterfly

Another unique Wanagiri Peak photo spot is a photo spot in the shape of a butterfly. For the photo spot, this time it will show a panoramic view of the rice fields surrounding the butterfly spot which seems to be perched on sucking nectar.

There are indeed many butterfly-shaped photo spots and are quite common in several other tourist areas. However, it is clear that this butterfly-shaped photo spot at Wanagiri Peak is different from photo spots in other places.

4. Egg Nest

Wanagiri Hidden Hill – 6 Instagramable Photo Spots

There are so many photo spots in the form of egg nests in several other tourist attractions, apart from those in Bali. But the difference is, this photo spot in the form of an egg nest at Wanagiri Peak can give different results from other egg nest photo spots.

Where you will take pictures with the background of this Wanagiri Peak plateau. Of course, your photos will be very charming with egg nests that seem to be on the edge of a cliff. Don’t forget to wear warm clothes when visiting Wanagiri Peak, because the air there is very cold, especially when the fog has fallen.

5. Heart Waterfall

The next photo spot area for Wanagiri Peak is the waterfall of love. Why is it so named, because the photo spot area of ​​this waterfall of love has a waterfall background but the footing used to take pictures is in the shape of a heart.

Well, in this love waterfall area there is a myth that is quite busy being discussed and believed by the surrounding community and tourists who come to visit. It is said that anyone who has ever taken pictures in this love waterfall area will become a person full of love and affection.

Not only that, the person will also be spared from disaster. One of the disasters in question is separation. If you come to Wanagiri Peak and take pictures in this love waterfall area with your partner, then most likely you and your partner will last forever and will not break up.

However, that is just a myth. The truth of these myths cannot be ascertained by any science. It’s up to you to believe it or just know it.

6. Sarangheo

Wanagiri Hidden Hill – 6 Instagramable Photo Spots

The last photo spot for Wanagiri Peak is the Sarangheo spot. This photo spot is quite interesting and will be very instagramable if used as a decoration in taking pictures.

Where this nest spot is made in the form of a bird satang that is large enough so that it can be used as an area for taking pictures. You can also take pictures in the swallow’s nest area by hanging.

Well, the choice of the name Sarangheo itself was taken because of its shape that resembles a very large swallow’s nest. This Sarangheo hangs on a tree like a bird’s nest in general.

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Here are some recommendations for Wanagiri Peak photo spots that you can use as a reference when visiting this Wanagiri Peak tourist spot. Before going to Wanagiri Hill, there are several things you need to prepare.

First, you need to wear warm clothes to avoid cold peaks. In addition, also prepare your smartphone or camera to take pictures in the photo spot area that has been provided.