Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

20 Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali – Thing to Do West Bali. Talking about places of interest and unique things to do in Bali will never end. With natural beauty, clean beaches, unique traditions and social life of the local community become one of the some reason to visit Bali island.

Maybe this is a new things for travelers who are the first time to set foot on the Bali Island. And for repeater traveler want to find something different Thing to Do and Best hidden gems in West Bali. Please come to Jembrana Bali.

20 Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Jembrana Bali provides many hidden gems that are not found in other areas of Bali. Thing to do in Jembrana Bali is a tour of the beach, mountains and countryside. Feel the vacation sensation with the feel of rural nature, a calm beach and unique attractions.

1. Yeh Leh Beach

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Lets we start from the east of Jembrana, is the Yeh Leh beach. An stunning beaches and can be used as the background of your beautiful photos. This location is usually used as a resting place for motorbike or car riders whom are crossing west Bali to the island of Java.

This beach is unique and interesting, because at the edge of the beach there are many rocks that separate the edge from the sea. When the sea water recedes, the rocks here stand out in a variety of stunning sizes.

This beach is located on the border between Jembrana Regency and Tabanan Regency on Bali Island. At the border of this area, you will find the symbol of Tabanan regency in the east and in the west the Jembrana regency symbol is built.

There is also a mascot from Jembrana district which is a statue of Makepung. Makepung is a tradition of cow racing. The cow race race is almost the same as the one in Madura Island.

2. Magical power of Bunut Bolong

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Next Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali, you can see extraordinary natural events in Pekutatan village. Where you can see the road that penetrate a large tree trunk, which is more famous as the Bunut bolong (hollow Bunut Tree). Usually this place is always crowded with local people who happen to pass by in this area. Their goal is to capture this unique and captivating panorama.

It’s good we know the location, right? This tourist spot is located in Manggisari Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana Regency, or can be reached within 2 hours of driving from Denpasar, or about 1 hour from the Gilimanuk Port (Jembrana) if travelers cross from Ketapang Harbor, Banyuwangi.

Actually, Bunut Bolong is just a tree branch that has a big hole in the middle and can be passed by 2 cars simultaneously. So it’s very unique, right? We hardly hear phenomena like this.

The name Bunut itself in the local language means the name of a rooted tree, while Bolong means hollow. So overall, Bunut Bolong means Bunut tree which has a hole in the middle.

3. Rambut Siwi Temple

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

After that, the next Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali we can admire the big temple at Rambut Siwi. This temple is one of the big temples believed by the Hindu Balinese people to protect the west of Bali. In this area there are 7 temple complexes that have different functions. Standing majestically on the beach of Rambut Siwi.

Rambut Siwi Temple looks magnificent and beautiful standing on the edge of a cliff, directly adjacent to the beach, the natural surroundings are beautiful and beautiful, making you feel at home for long admiring the majesty of God.

Moreover, tourists visit to this temple is quite quiet unlike the Tanah Lot temple which is always crowded, so here you can be more free to relax and enjoy the beauty that is served, especially if you come in the afternoon the beauty of the sunset becomes a special attraction in Jembrana, West Bali.

4. Makepung – Buffalo Race in Jembrana

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Furthermore, unique attractions that you can find in the center of Jembrana district, called by Makepung (buffalo race). This attraction is a party of Jembrana people, who want to celebrate their success in agriculture, especially the rice harvest. This is an interesting thing you can do and see in West Bali.

In addition to the Makepung Attractions you can also join the West Bali sea turtle conservation center and participate in preserving the turtles by releasing them on the Prancak beach.

5. Sagkaragung Village

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

Located in Negara District, approximately 5 km to the east of Negara City. In Sangkaragung Village there is a typical Jembrana art center, namely “Jegog”.

Sangkaragung Village is famous in the world for its Jegog art, especially in Japan. Jegog Sangkaragung performs in Japan every year more than three times.

Meanwhile, in the village of Sangkaragung itself, Jegog is staged for tourists every Sunday and Thursday at the Jegog Suar Agung Studio. Tourists can learn to play (beat) the jegog in this studio.

6. West Bali National Park

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

West Bali National Park as a nature conservation area, can be used for the purposes of education, research, recreation and support cultivation. The hallmark of the West Bali National Park is the presence of the Bali starling (Leucopsar rothschildi) which can live in the wild only in the West Bali National Park.

Administratively, West Bali National Park is located in Jembrana and Buleleng regencies, Bali Province. Between December and March the rainfall in this area is quite high.


Several types of vegetation are mangrove forests dominated by mangroves (Rhizophora sp), palm savanna dominated by palm trees (Borassus flabelier), rain forests, seasonal forests dominated by pilang plants (Acasia Leucophloea)


Some of the wildlife that can be observed in West Bali National Park include the Bali Starling (Leucospar rothschildi), Banteng (Bos Javanicus), Deer (Muntiacus Muntjak), Mouse Deer (Tragulus Javanicus), Deer (Cervus Timorensis), Forest Cat (Felis Bengalensis), Gray macaque (Macaca fascicularis), Black macaque (Presbytis Criscata), White Starling (Stunus Melanopterus), Terucuk (Pycnonotus goiavier), Kepodang (Oriolus chinensis) King Prawn (Halcyon Chloris).

7. Pengeragoan Beach

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

This tourist attraction is located in Pengeragoan Village, Pekutatan sub-district, precisely at the East Gate of Jembrana Regency, bordering Tabanan Regency, on the southern edge of the highway that connects Gilimanuk-Denpasar.

This black sandy beach with the waves of the Indonesian Ocean and the waving of palm and pandan trees is suitable for a short break for tourists. in the northern part of Pengeragoan Village, is the most beautiful place to enjoy the view of Pengeragoan Beach.

8. Medewi Beach

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

Medewi Beach is quite a beautiful beach with a very charming curve of the beach, located in Medewi Village 24 Km east of Negara City and 72 Km from Denpasar, can be reached by all types of vehicles.

Medewi Beach is suitable for surfing because the waves are long and long and just break according to the desired surf load. From here you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

The facilities owned by the hotel are quite representative for foreign tourists, equipped with a swimming pool and restaurant which are arranged quite artistically in the courtyard.

9. Tirta Samudra Dlod Brawah Park

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

The development of Jembrana tourism objects is mostly directed towards beach tourism objects. Because of that, the beaches on Earth Makepung began to be managed and arranged. One of the recreational parks that has been running and completed for the first phase is Dlod Brawah Recreation Park.

This recreational park which is equipped with a seawater pool is recognized as the first seawater pool in a public place. So far, only five-star hotels have seawater pools.

The sea water pool which is located on the shore of Dlod Brawah beach, consisting of an adult pool and a children’s pool, is a new alternative to be worth a visit. The presence of this recreational park provides entertainment for the community.

This pool facility is equipped, a rinse and a bathroom is standing majestically. The plan for the next development of this facility will be equipped with supporting facilities such as a playground for children, kiosks and arrangement of parking spaces.

10. Prancak

Prancak Beach

Prancak Tourism Object is a beautiful tourist attraction, the shoreline decorated with fishing boats is a beauty in itself to be enjoyed. There is also a tourist park that has facilities for the Motor Cross and Road Race circuits, this is perfect for a vacation spot.

Every year the Prancak tourism object is used as a place for traditional canoe rowing competitions which are usually coupled with the anniversary of the city of Negara.

In Perancak Village, there is a Sea Turtle Preservation site, namely “Kurma Asih” because Prancak Beach is very suitable for laying eggs for turtles. In this place, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach and carry out activities to release hatchlings / turtles into the sea.

Besides the turtle conservation area in Perancak village, there is also a Marine Technology Research Center, a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Earth station which functions to determine the gathering points of fish in the sea which are monitored from satellites.

At the same location, tourists can also see the expanse of mangrove plants of various types. In the village of Prancak, there is also a place for distilling sea water into mineral water with high oxygen levels, namely Megumi.

11. Baluk Rening Beach

Baluk Rening Beach

Baluk Rening is one of the beaches in Jembrana district which is visited by both local and foreign tourists. It is located approximately 10 km to the west of the city of Negara.

The black sandy beach is quite good and the waves are not that big. But it is quite delicious in the morning and evening to see the sunset (Sunset), with a backdrop of mountains in East Java. This beach tourism object is also very interesting with the cliffs on the beach which are quite high so that it adds to a very beautiful panorama in the south.

The facilities are quite adequate, both hotels and restaurants have standards for foreign tourists.

12. Candikusuma Beach

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

Candikusuma Beach is located approximately 12 km to the west of the city of Negara, and is one of the tourist beaches in Jembrana Regency which is quite good for bathing and swimming.

At Kusuma Temple there is also a historical relic, namely a monument that forms a triangle which is said to have come out of a dagger that emitted light at the place of the monument.

This tourist attraction is also used as a place to finish the Jukung Sailing competition which is usually held every August associated with the commemoration of the Republic of Indonesia’s Anniversary and the anniversary of the State City. On this beach is also often used for fishing competitions.

13. Gilimanuk

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

Gilimanuk is located on the western tip of the island of Bali and is the gateway for tourists to come by land from Java. There are several interesting places including: Gilimanuk Bay which is very suitable for enjoying water tourism and West Bali National Park. In Gilimanuk there are lodgings, restaurants or restaurants as well as shops for souvenirs.

14. Ancient Human Museum

Museum gilimanuk

Since 1963 in Gilimanuk, research has been carried out by experts in Indonesia, including: Prof. DR R Soejono and Prof. DR T Jacub. The results of the study found hundreds of human skeletons that were thought to have lived at the end of the Prehistoric period with the characteristics of the Mongolid race. Based on the results of these studies, then one of the actions to save.

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To save and take advantage of these archaeological findings, the Jembrana Regency Government built an Ancient Human Museum Building on the Gilimanuk Site and completed its construction in 1993.

The collectibles displayed at Gilimanuk Moesium are the results of excavations including: Human Skeletons, beads, bracelets made of wood and shells, small pots, jars, jugs, earthen bowls, hooks, tajak, sarcophagus etc.

15. Gumbrih Water Park

Gumbrih Water Park

Gumbrih Water Park is located in Gumbrih Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana Regency, Bali.

This Water Park is an interesting tourist attraction, because it combines the beauty of the calm Tukad Pangyangan flow with the green of coconuts and wild buyuks along the river. Tourists can walk along this river by riding an engine-powered jukung driven by a professional crew.

In addition, there are also boats as a means of transportation along the river. The distance to be covered is approximately 2 kilometers, with the stopping point at the bridge which is the Pangyangan-Gumbrih border.

Apart from enjoying the greenery of the trees, tourists can also see various wild animals such as crows and monitor lizards. This makes the Water Park an ideal location for just relaxing boating to taking pictures.

To take pictures, there are various interesting objects around Tukad Pangyangan, such as a stretch of rice fields by the river to a bamboo forest. Not only that, Tukad Pangyangan also has various types of fish, such as red snapper and julit (fish similar to catfish but with a long body size), so tourists can spend time here fishing.

Especially for shrimp and crabs, tourists can catch them with their bare hands. Tourists can also see flashes of fish swimming near the surface of the water. Gumbrih Water Park is the best place to enjoy the natural waters of Bali and relax to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

16. Puncak Mawar Dewasana

Puncak Mawar Dewasana is one of the tourist attractions in Jembrana which was built with the concept of local wisdom. This area has a natural charm with various photogenic spots. There is also a waterfall which is the pride of this tourist spot.

As the name suggests, this tourist spot has a stretch of various types of roses that blend with nature. Puncak Mawar Dewasana provides various facilities such as swings, wooden bridges, a large parking area, and so on.

17. Juwuk Manis Waterfall

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

For those of you who want a relaxing nature tour, Juwuk Sweet Waterfall is the right choice. This waterfall became to the list of Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali. The sound of gurgling water with beautiful green natural scenery can release your mind a bit. Juwuk Sweet Waterfall must be made on a vacation list while in Jembrana Regency.

This place has 2 waterfalls side by side with fresh and clear water. This tourist attraction is still rarely visited by tourists because of its hidden place. You need to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000 – IDR 15,000.

18. Jembrana Green Cliff

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

Jembrana green cliff is one of the newest tourist destinations that opened in 2017. This one tour offers natural beauty in the form of cool green views against the hills.

This natural tourist attraction was built using wood and bamboo at a height of 10 meters and a length of 60 meters and has a unique and beautiful photo spot. Become one of Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali list.

Ticket prices for this tourist destination are priced at IDR 5,000 for children, IDR 10,000 for local tourists, and IDR 25,000 for foreign tourists.

19. Karang Sewu

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali

Karang Sewu is one of the most hits and popular Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali. The views of the meadows and bays are cool and so pleasing to the eye, making Karang Sewu is visited by many local and foreign tourists.

In this place you will see mangrove forests, expanse of blue sea, and rows of bidara trees. There is a wooden pier which is a favorite photogenic spot. To enter this area, you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 150,000-IDR 250,000

20. Ekowisata Mangrove Perancak

Mangrove Perancak Bali

The mangrove Perancak Jembrana is made up of tracking lanes, with wooden bridges that look natural and unite with nature. With this tracking lane, visitors can enter the middle of the jungle and get to know more about the ecosystem of the mangrove forest.

This place is also currently a new tourist destination in the West Bali area, Negara district. It can be a tourist destination and a relaxing place in the middle of the forest when you are tired of routine activities every day or with the crowds of the city.

The tracking lane that enters the territory of this mangrove forest, is indeed not that long, only 165 meters. So that visitors can easily reach it and don’t be tiring, especially for parents or children, there is a gazebo that is made as a nice place to relax, or just take selfies.

The tracking path is quite short in the Jembrana Mangrove, quite different from the mangrove forest in Denpasar, the track is quite long and there are many crossings to adventure towards the middle of the jungle.

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Well, those are some Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali that you can add to your next visit during your vacation in Bali. Take a different trip away from the center of commerce and the hustle and bustle of the city. For futher information, don’t hesitate to contact