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Leke Leke Waterfall

Leke Leke Waterfall, a Tourist Attraction that is Targeted by Tourists – Bali Province is indeed famous for its beautiful beaches and culture. However, these are not the only two things that make it a tourist attraction. The Island of the Gods also has many non-coastal natural attractions that are no less interesting.

Enjoying the natural beauty of the island of Bali is not enough to have natural beaches such as Kuta, Pandawa or Sanur, but there are many areas that can offer a different aesthetic and atm

About Leke Leke Waterfall

Like Leke-leke Waterfall or Kipuan Kebo which is a natural tourist attraction located in a high mountain area that can provide other offers while you are traveling in Bali, for those who like holidays and adventurous nature recreation Leke Leke Waterfall can be an ideal recreation destination.

Tabanan is an area that has a lot of natural tourism potential that must be visited while on vacation in Bali. Even though the distance is more than 49 kilometers from I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport, it takes about 2 hours more by using a four-wheeled vehicle.

But the journey that will be taken will not be boring because it will cross many rice fields and villages. Because it is close to Ubud, Tabanan has cool air. Tabanan also has a mainstay waterfall tourist attraction, and is known as the Leke Leke waterfall which is located in the Kerobokan hamlet, Mekarsari village.

Leke Leke Waterfall

For tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the Leke Leke waterfall, they have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 50,000. However, from the ticket money, tourists have participated in helping empower the community around the waterfall.

This is because most of the employees who work at the waterfall are local residents. For tourists visiting by private vehicle, the manager provides ample parking space next to the ticket sales counter and is free of charge.

Located just a few meters from the entrance, the manager provides photo spots for tourists who want to capture memories at the Leke Leke waterfall before starting a trekking adventure to the waterfall. To reach the waterfall, tourists must pass through a footpath which is most likely still in the residents’ garden area.

There is also a path that has been paved so that if it rains it is not slippery. Before arriving at the waterfall, tourists will pass through a bamboo bridge built over the river and of course it is very strong.

Even though it only has one waterfall, the Leke Leke waterfall is very beautiful and suitable as a photo location for tourists who like photography. Surrounded by green trees, this waterfall has a beautiful and stunning color contrast.

And on the front side of the waterfall there is a large rock, so if tourists want to take pictures but don’t want to get wet, they can use the rock as a foothold. And around the big rock there are small stones that can be used as a foothold for the big rock.

Even though there is one bungalow, using bamboo as a building material makes the price of this accommodation quite expensive. Tourists have to spend IDR 700,000 for one night’s stay with free breakfast for two people.

And for tourists who want to buy souvenirs, they can buy local agricultural products such as durian and passion fruit which are sold along the road to the waterfall. Water is an element of life that we must protect.

Journey to Leke Leke Waterfall

Now for the trip from Kuta, it takes me about an hour to get to the location, with the help of Google Maps along the way I can enjoy various sights such as rice fields, temples and even flower gardens which are the mainstay of plantations if you stop by in Bali.

Before heading to the waterfall, we will be given a stick to hold, its function as a support like a trekking pole so that we don’t fall down because the road is quite slippery.

The journey to the waterfall is approximately 15 minutes and there are many directions to get to the location and we will also pass buffalo pens, bamboo gates to bamboo bridges that follow the river that flows from Leke Leke waterfall. From here, the sound of gurgling waterfalls could be heard.

Leke Leke Waterfall aka Kipuan Kebo

Leke Leke Waterfall is also known as Kipuan Kebo, according to local residents, the water from this waterfall is used as a place to drink and bathe buffalo owned by residents.

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Leke Leke does seem calm and still natural. But don’t worry, there are facilities here that make you feel at home too. Like a seat made of wood. Here, you can relax while watching the waterfall flowing from top to bottom.

The Route to the Waterfall that Pampers the Eyes

The trip to Leke-Leke Waterfall takes about an hour from Kuta. Before arriving at the waterfall, prospective visitors will be treated to a beautiful panorama along the way. The expanse of rice fields, plantations, and flower gardens managed by local residents offers a soothing view.


The area where the water falls over the puddle is not that wide. Next to the waterfall, there is a depression that looks like a cave. By local residents, Leke-leke waterfall is also known as a sacred area so that visitors are expected to consistently maintain courtesy, politeness, behavior and speech, including not littering.

In this area there are also genah (places) for melukat (meruwat) two showers provided for those who want to carry out the melukat ritual, clear and clear water sourced from mountain springs.

Leke Leke Tabanan Waterfall is indeed not as popular as other waterfall attractions such as Gitgit, Sekumpul or Tegenungan, but its presence can provide another option with a different natural atmosphere when they travel to the island of the Gods of Bali.

For those who like adventurous nature recreation, looking for new spots that Instagrammable and a hobby of selfie photos, then schedule your next visit to the Leke-leke or Kipuan Kebo waterfalls

Interesting Photo Spots Around Waterfalls

When you follow the track to the waterfall, you can also find several photo properties that are deliberately provided to beautify your Instagram photos. Satisfied with enjoying the beauty of Leke-Leke Waterfall, you can stop by other tourist destinations that are still in Tabanan Regency. For example in the village of Mengesta or Tista.

Mengesta has several valuable ancient relics and hot springs. Meanwhile, Tista is a tourist village that is suitable for ‘tasting’ the traditional lifestyle of the local people.

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How, are you interested in stopping by Leke Leke Waterfall? Don’t just go to the beach, explore anti-mainstream tourism in Bali, such as the waterfall in Tabanan. Guaranteed addiction comes!

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