Sunset on Kedungu Beach Bali

Sunset on Kedungu Beach Bali

Sunset on Kedungu Beach in Bali – Bali is indeed a paradise for beach tourism, because you slide a little to meet the beach again. Apart from having beaches, Bali is certainly no stranger to discussing beach tourism destinations in Bali. Tanah Lot is a tourist spot in the Tabanan district – Bali.

The matter of its beauty cannot be denied, because the attractiveness of this temple in the middle of the sea cannot be denied and is capable of becoming a very Balinese icon.

Unfortunately, I’ve been there several times and it’s always not suitable to see the temple area directly. Often because when sea water rises, access to the temple is too dangerous to pass. And as soon as the temple access was opened to the public, the queue was too snacking, it was canceled again.

That said, the Sunset on Kedungu Beach Bali is the most beautiful in Bali, you know, it could also be one of the reasons why many groups of domestic tourists tend to stop by this beach in the afternoon before finally leaving Bali at night.

But for those who are bored with mainstream beach destinations in Bali, there is the Kedungu Beach Sunset which is no less hypnotic, because its location is still parallel to Tanah Lot.

Kedungu Beach

The name Kedungu Beach may not be so familiar to people outside the island of Bali, even those from Bali themselves don’t know the existence of this beach. Even so, recently his name began to echo through various posts on social media.

The day after yesterday’s Nyepi activity, we; My family and I visited this beach, it also happened that the location is not far from where we live. Also, when the weather still feels like a holiday, I definitely choose this beach because my curiosity has been haunting me for a long time.

The weather that afternoon was quite sunny, along the way I hoped to find a “Happy Sunset” moment on this beach. With not too many visitors in mind, I’ve prepared some beautiful poses with used fedora hats on my trip to Jatim Park three years ago, eh.

To be honest, to get to this beach, we went the wrong way several times and had to turn around. Incidentally we chose through the road through the back of the house. Because of our imagination, Kedungu beach is close to our house.

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Ehh wow, all of a sudden it turns out to be right next to Tanah Lot, too bad luck, bhahaha. with winding roads it takes at least nearly half an hour’s drive from our house.

What Happened at Kedungu Beach?

What is clear is the beach. but Unlike the other beaches of Dua, most of the beaches in the Tabanan area are soft black sand beaches.

With its black sand, the cliffs around the beach here are also black, unlike the cliffs on the beach around Uluwatu which are white as chalk.

With the right touch of creativity, I’m sure this beach will be just as stunning as the recently popular Pandawa beach.

Unfortunately for now, the local government has not taken it seriously. Several beach areas with small and large rocks are also beautiful and can be interesting photo spots, as evidenced by the many millennials who at that time rented photos in this area.

Coincidentally, when we went there, it coincided with Nyepi, where most Balinese people have a unique custom, namely going to the beach after religious holidays.

Despite my imagination, the beach isn’t as crowded as this, after the shoot I would sit quietly sipping something and wait for the beautiful moments of the sunset.

Unfortunately, with such a large number of visitors, all the stalls were full and the beach was filled with local residents who flocked to enjoy the beach breeze.

Some children also seemed to be having fun playing in the water, and some were having fun playing with the sand. For your information, most of the beaches in the Tabanan area have quite violent waves, but at Kedungu beach we are still allowed to bathe or play in the water on the beach.

That’s because the waves on this beach are slower than other beaches such as Tanah Lot. However, you still have to pay attention to the height of the waves, guys, because the safe limit is not too far away.

Tourist Attractions Kedungu Beach Has

One of the beaches located on the Island of the Gods, Bali which is visited by various tourists from various regions to foreign countries every day, month to year.

This place is one with several favorite tourist destinations on the Island of the Gods. Many tourists come to enjoy the beautiful beach views and wait for the sunset.

Sunset View

Kedungu Beach is famous for its stunning sunset views. the scenery on this beach also turns more romantic with its distinctive colors that shimmer at dusk.

Black Sand Beach

The next attraction is the black sand beach. The expanse of sand that is so wide and smooth can make someone who sets foot in that place give a very soft impression. In general, tourists can relax or sunbathe comfortably on the sand.

Of course, a beach with black sand that is so wide and smooth can be one of the attractions of this one tourist attraction. So it’s no wonder that many people are curious about this tourist destination, then visit it.

The waves are suitable for surfing

Kedungu Beach has big waves. Usually visitors who come to use it to play surfing. A place famous for its waves suitable for surfing, is now a favorite tourist destination favored by surfers.

Therefore, this tourist spot is visited by various groups, both local, regional and foreign. So from there this beach can be one of the main attractions for this one tourist attraction.

Unique Beach With Waterfall

The last attraction is the existence of a small waterfall. This is caused by the cliff area which contains a small waterfall. The sound of gurgling water, with its beautiful and enchanting wind can be used to calm the mind.

Even though this waterfall is not that high, the place still gives an exotic impression. From this, it can make this tourist destination one of its attractions.

Address and Route to Location

Kedungu Beach is one of the beaches located in Tabanan, or to be precise, in the Banjar Kedungu area which is always crowded with tourists. The location is about 20 km from downtown Denpasar.

Access to the beach location is very easy to achieve because there are many road signs directing you to this beach location.

Your trip to the beach may take longer than expected if the area suffers from traffic jams. Usually occurs during the holiday season between July and September the number of tourists who come will increase. This is what can make the road to the beach location more congested.

Tourists can use private vehicles in the form of cars or motorbikes to get to their destination. After arriving there, you can enjoy the view of this tourist destination which is so beautiful, charming and enchanting. Of course, it can spoil the eyes of tourists who see and witness the stunning panoramas.

Attraction Entrance Ticket Prices

When you enter a tourist object, of course you will be charged an entrance fee, but when you want to enter the Kedungu Beach tourist area you are not required to pay an entrance ticket according to what is usually set by other beach tourism managers. . Visitors can enter this tourist attraction without paying or for free.

Visitors who bring private vehicles, both motorbikes and cars, will be charged a parking fee with a different amount. For motorbikes, the parking fee is Rp. 2000. As for the car parking fee, a parking fee of Rp. 5000.

After paying all entrance tickets and parking fees, you can enjoy the view of this one tourist attraction freely and do activities in the form of taking pictures.

So that many people take advantage of their vacation or recreation time here, because it offers such a great destination and comfortable facilities. And the entry fee is quite affordable.

Exciting Activities That Can Be Done at Kedungu Beach:

Sunbathe Or Relax On The Beach
Tourists can do interesting activities by sunbathing or relaxing on the black sand beach which is so wide and clean, covered with mats.

Usually visitors do these activities in the morning before noon. So that many tourists who fill the beach area with sunbathing. Beach sunshine is the main goal for visitors who come.

Enjoying the Sunset

The next interesting activity is enjoying the sunset view which is very beautiful, enchanting, and so exotic. Visitors can enjoy this sunset moment in the afternoon.

You can sit on the beach with friends or friends, girlfriends to family. While watching the sun slowly set with the twilight rays that are so beautiful and charming.

Try Surfing

For those of you who like water sports, especially surfing, you need to try playing on Kedungu Beach. The waves are so big that it is perfect for surfing. So many visitors use it to surf.

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Thus the review about Sunset Beach Kedungu in Bali, hopefully this is useful.

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