Manik Angkeran: History of the Bali Strait

Manik Angkeran: History of the Bali Strait

Manik Angkeran is a Balinese folklore that is often associated with the history of the Bali straits. It is said that Bali and Java were once a united island. However, due to extraordinary events involving magical powers, Bali finally separated from Java. Do you want to know what these magical events are? Check out the story below!

The Legend of the Manik Angkeran

Manik Angkeran was the son of a Brahmin named Sidhimantra. They live in a kingdom called Doha. It is said that Manik Angkeran is a smart child, but is easily swayed by his naughty friends. He then took up bad hobbies, such as gambling and cockfighting.

He thought it was a quick way to get rich, without having to work hard. Yes, he always wins and is addicted to gambling. But it does not last long. He suffered defeat after defeat, but that did not dampen his appetite for gambling. Until finally he was unable to pay his debts because his property disappeared without a trace.

Desperate, Manik asks his father for money to pay off his debt. His father, Sidhimantra, then came to Mount Agung to meet Naga Besukih according to the instructions he received from the Gods. Naga Besukih also gave some of his wealth to Sidhimantra.

Unfortunately, the assets that should have been used to pay debts were used again by Manik to gamble. He was defeated again, and he asked his father for money again. But this time, his father refused to help.

Later, Manik came to Naga Besukih, asking for his own help. When he was about to give away his treasure, Manik unknowingly followed the dragon to the mountain and was astonished to see the wealth of the dragon’s possessions.

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Manik also intends to kill the dragon using a sword. When the attack started, the dragon was very surprised to learn that he would be killed by Manik. Feeling betrayed, the dragon kills him by burning Manik’s body with its flames.

Sidhimantra who was shocked by the incident then asked the Dragon to revive his son. He intended to teach good things to his son. Naga Besukih agreed, with one condition that Naga Besukih would educate Manik. When Manik was revived, he begged the dragon for mercy and asked to be back with his father.

However, because of the agreement that had been made before, Sidhimantra took out a magic stick and drew a line that separated him from his son. Suddenly, the water came out of the channel and got stronger.

Mount Agung is separated from the surrounding area. This large pool of water is what we later know as the “Bali Strait”, the strait that separates Bali and Java.

Now, despite the natural conditions that caused these two islands to separate, the Balinese still believe that the powerful intervention of the gods and Brahmins has changed this situation.

Until now the myth of Manik Angkeran is still passed down by Balinese parents to their children. The story carries the message that “good deeds will bring good results”. Meanwhile, the crime only causes harm.

Location of Manik Angkeran

located on the western border of the island of Bali which is between the islands of Bali and the island of Java. This is a folklore that became the history of the Bali Strait.

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