Taman Dedari Ubud, New Spot in Gianyar with Awesome Statue

Taman Dedari Ubud, New Spot in Gianyar with Awesome Statue

Taman Dedari Ubud, New Spot in Gianyar with Awesome Statue. It is a work of art that combines beautiful nature with culture and its creations will produce a distinctive look at Taman Dedari.

Located in Ubud, Gianyar, offers the beauty of giant statues. This tourist spot, which just opened in January 2021, immediately attracts the attention of tourists.

Various attractions are in this park with the main show being a giant statue. Besides that, there is a restaurant with a variety of menus that will satisfy your appetite.

Furthermore, travelers can feed the fish in the pool that is already available. And of course, pre-wedding photo sessions or other professional photos can be held here.

Expect in Taman Dedari Ubud

Dedari Park has succeeded in attracting the attention of tourists with several attractions, such as a 10 meter (m) tall giant statue, restaurants and lodging.

The concept itself is a destination where there are three things, namely leisure (places to relax), dining (places to eat), and events (places for events),

Visitors can find dozens of stone statues in Dedari Park. Of the around 50 statues, there are four large statues with a height of about 10 m.

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There are also four medium-sized statues with a height of five to six meters. There are also 42 small statues built along the Ayung River.

Taman Dedari Ubud, New Spot in Gianyar with Awesome Statue
Sunset at Taman Dedari Ubud Bali

The uniqueness of the Angel Statue

An angel statue with a height of several tens of meters. this is not made carelessly. It can be proven from the form of each angel that is so accurate. Plus the carvings on the body of the statue are really detailed. Starting from head to toe.

The long flowing hair of some angels also looks as if they are really alive. The tips of the toes and toes look accurate, there are visible scratches as if they were real leather.

Not separated from the clothes of some angels. There are the same carvings in the royal clothes that look luxurious.

It’s not strange, because these statues are not the creations of just anyone. But the creations of several famous Balinese artists from Puri Agung Ubud.

One of them is Ida Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, who has served as deputy governor of Bali since September 5 2018. And Ida Tjokorda Besar Putra Sukawati and Ida Tjokorda Besar Raka Sukawati.

Taman Dedari Ubud, New Spot in Gianyar with Awesome Statue
Beautiful Statue at Taman Dedari Bali

Location of Taman Dedari Ubud Bali

Located in Kedewatan Hamlet, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Has a distance of approximately 40 Km from Kuta Recreational Hamlet, takes about 1 hour to drive to the location

To arrive at the location of Tanan Dedari Ubud, tourists can use several routes, and adjusted to the direction of origin. If tourists are coming from Ngurah Rai Airport, they can go through the route, namely taking the Ngurah Rai by-pass route, then heading to Tohpati, continuing to Batubulan, Singapadu until they arrive at Kedewatan Ubud.

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However, if tourists visiting come from the center of Ubud, tourists can take the Champuhan route. After that, tourists can continue their journey to Jalan Raya Kedewatan.

By taking this route, tourists only need about 15 minutes to arrive at the tourist location of this exotic and amazing park.

Taman Dedari Entrance Ticket Prices

To enjoy this tourist spot there is no fee. Likewise for parking fees, free for visitors. However, visitors who want to have recreation in Taman Dedari Ubud must eat at the restaurant. Prices start from IDR 14,000 per food menu.

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