Tourist Attractions Bali Safari Marine Park

Tourist Attractions Bali Safari Marine Park

Tourist Attractions Bali Safari Marine Park – After enjoying a collection of tourist attractions in Bali such as beautiful beaches, lakes, places of worship, mountains and valleys. It’s time to invite your beloved family to travel and adventure there is a water park arena, eating in glass-walled restaurants.

Such as eating together surrounded by animals, exclusive vacations with loved ones, all of these activities you can get in only one place but with additional costs not included in the entrance ticket.

On a safari trip, you are invited to go around using a special air-conditioned car that is tightly locked from the outside accompanied by a guide, for a tour in the park area, at the beginning of your adventure you are invited to enter the area of tame animals, such as flocks of birds, cows and horses, enter deeper inside, you are invited to see various wild animals such as crocodiles, lions, baboons, tigers, etc.

The animals look very well trained as if not bothered by the presence of visitors. To be able to enjoy the atmosphere more maximally you can stay here, because it has provided a hotel that can be rented.

A theater is provided for Kecak and Barong dance performances, some entertainment is also shown such as the Elephant Show, Animal Show and Bali Agung Show.

Visiting here can join a tour package or car rental in Bali, also pay attention to the right time so you can watch the smart animal show here.

Attractions Show Time at Bali Safari Marine Park

  • Safari Jouney: vehicles available almost every 5 minutes
  • Piranha feeding: daily at 10.30 and 16.00 at Freshwater Aquarium
  • Animal Education Show: every day at 11.00 and every Monday at 3.30 at the Hanuman stage
  • Elephant Show: every day at 11.45 and 16.30 at Kampung Gajah
  • Bali Agung Show: every day at 14.00 except Monday
  • Entrance fee at Bali Safari and Marine Park;
  • Safari Explorer – Activities: Safari Trip, Freshwater Aquarium, Animal Educational Show, Elephant Show
  • Jungle Hopper – Activities: Safari Trip, Freshwater Aquarium, Animal Show, Elephant Show, Bali Agung Show, Fun Zone, Water Park.
  • Night Safari – Activities: Night Safari Trip, Welcome Drink, Dinner at Nkuchiro Restaurant

Price Description

For show activities as scheduled, make sure you come to Bali Safari and Marine Park according to the show schedule above. Prices are for domestic and do not include shuttle service, children under 3 years free

Bali is an island with extraordinary exoticism in Indonesia. Its popularity is even known to foreign countries. This island has a variety of amazing tourist attractions.

Not only a row of beautiful beaches, there is also the Bali Safari Marine Park which is a recommended tourist spot to visit with children.

Bali Safari Marine Park is one of the educational tourist attractions for children in Bali. Here children can see the diversity of animals. The types of animals available are also complete. In fact, more than 60 species of animals live in this park. You can find some rare animals in this place.

Tourist Attractions Bali Safari Marine Park

Location of Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Safari Marine Park is a wildlife park which is managed directly by Taman Safari Indonesia. With decades of experience in handling animals, the condition of the animals in this place is very well maintained. All animals are handled by competent management in their field.

Bali Safari Marine Park is precisely located within 3 Village areas in Gianyar Regency. The three villages are Serongga Village, Medanan Village, and More Village. If taken from Ngurah Rai Airport, you will spend 1 hour.

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The location is very strategic so that everyone can visit this place easily. Traffic jams and vehicle queues are rare for a trip to the Safari Marine Park. You can use public transportation, motorbike rental, or private car rental to get to this tourist destination.

Package Available

Various attractive facilities are available to provide comfort for all visitors, including:

1. Jungle Hopper

In this area, visitors can interact with wildlife from a close distance.There are various facilities such as animal presentation, water play zone, freshwater aquarium, elephant show, and tiger show from predator to prey. Of course it’s guaranteed to be fun.

2. Breakfast with the Lion

Breakfast with Lion is one of the facilities that you can enjoy while on vacation at Bali Safari Marine Park. Because this facility is in great demand, visitors must make a reservation 1 day in advance.

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This program gives all visitors the opportunity to enjoy breakfast surrounded by lions running free. However, you need not be afraid. The king of the jungle and visitors will be limited by thick glass and security is guaranteed.

3. Elephant Back Safari

Elephant Back Safari Package facilities are provided for tourists who want to get around Marina Park by riding an elephant. You will be invited to walk across Bali as if you were in Africa.

No need to be afraid of the elephant’s big body. You will be guided by professional trainers while enjoying these facilities.

4. Highest Show

This is a traditional Balinese dance performance. At least, there will be 150 professional dancers who will perform to entertain the visitors. When the show is over, the professional dancers will collaborate with the wildlife. Of course this attraction is so horrendous.

5. Fun Zone and Water Park for kids

Those of you who come with children can invite them to enjoy the Fun Zone and waterpark facilities. Children can play Go go Buncer, Mary Go Round, and Clumbing car. While at the waterpark, children will be treated to water slides and a swimming pool.

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