Tegal Sari Camping

Tegal Sari Camping – The Most Popular Camping in Kintamani

Tegal Sari Camping – The Most Popular Camping Place in Kintamani. There are more choices of camping sites in Kintamani nowadays. Even now it has spread in various villages in Kintamani District. Some of them are Songan village, Pinggan village, and Batur village.

The three villages certainly offer places and atmospheres with different views. You can use this camping as an alternative if you want to see the sunrise or sunrise in Kintamani without climbing trunyan hill or Mount Batur. Even though the view that you will see is not as beautiful as the view from the top of the mountain, this camping or camping experience will still give you a great impression!

For camping sites in Songan, the average location is in a hilly area and it might be a little difficult to access, especially if you drive a car. Our advice if you want to come there is better to use a motorbike. By riding a motorbike, of course you can pass through slightly steep terrain and narrow uneven roads. In addition, using a motorbike will make it easier for you to find a parking space.

Tegal Sari Camping – The Most Popular Camping in Kintamani

Meanwhile, regarding the camping spots in Pinggan village, it can be said that it is a little easier to reach. You just need to go to the Writing Temple, then towards the east about 8 km. The access road is quite flat and wide, but there are quite a lot of bends and downhill roads that are quite challenging for adrenaline.

You can drive there, but make sure the brakes, tires, and other parts are in good condition. This is because the car repair shop is quite far from the camping spot, so don’t forget to check the condition of your vehicle first!

Recommended Camping Places in Batur Kintamani

If you are looking for a camping place in Kintamani at an affordable price, then Tegal Sari Camping can be an option that must be considered. In addition to a fairly cheap price, camping sites are also very easy to access.

This is because this spot is located on the main Kintamani-Singaraja highway and right in the center of Batur village. The location is only about 100 meters east of Ulun Danu Batur Temple. If you go to this camping spot, it only takes less than an hour and a half drive from Denpasar.

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Besides Tegal Sari Camping, there are actually several other camping spots which are located quite close to Batur Temple. Some of them are located in Bukit Payang, Batur Tengah, and Kedisan Village. From the various options available, here we recommend that you choose Tegal Sari compared to other places.

Advantages of Tegal Sari Camping compared to other camping sites in Kintamani

Each tourist spot certainly has its own uniqueness and privileges. Likewise, campsites in Bali and Kintamani certainly have uniqueness and advantages that make them different from one another.

So, here are some reasons why Tegal Sari Camp is better than other places:

  • The location is easy to reach because it is located only a few meters from the center of Batur village, Kintamani Bangli.
  • The price offered is cheaper when compared to other camping places in Kintamani
  • The parking provided is quite spacious and can accommodate 5 to 10 cars
  • From this place, it is clear to see 3 mountains, namely Mount Batur, Mount Abang, and Mount Agung.
  • Besides that, you can also see Lake Batur which is the largest lake on the island of Bali. Plus in the morning you can see a very beautiful sunrise.

If you already have your own camping equipment, you can also just rent a place.

Prices for Camping Tents and Packages in Kintamani

Similar to trekking packages in Bali or other tours that we provide, for camping at Tegal Sari Camping, we also provide several options. You can customize this camping package according to your individual needs and budget. What are the package options? Listen below:

Rent Place Only

If you already have your own camping equipment, then you can only rent our place. The rental price itself will be calculated per person. The more participants, the cheaper the price will be. The price details are as follows:
2-4 people: Rp. 25,000/person
5-8 people: Rp. 20,000/person
9-20 people: Rp. 15,000/person

Complete Camping Equipment and Place Rental Packages

We also rent a place and camping equipment complete with tents, mattresses, blankets and pillows. For each tent the size of a family tent that fits 4 people. And the following is a breakdown of the rental costs:
1 Set of Tent: Rp. 175,000 / tent
2 – 4 Tent Sets: Rp. 150.000 / tent
4 Tent Sets: Rp. 125,000 / tent

Package Stay at Joglo Camp Tegal Sari

In addition to the Ordinary Tent, Tegal Sari Camping also has 3 units of Joglo camp. Let’s feel a different sensation by sleeping last night at our Joglo Camp. Just like the usual Joglo camp tents, it is also equipped with facilities such as: mattresses, pillows, blankets and pillows which are sufficient for 4 people.
The price for each unit is Rp. 225,000.
If you order for 3 units at once we will give you a special price, namely: Rp. 200,000 / unit.

What Facilities Are Provided?

In addition to renting a place and camping equipment, we also provide several other facilities such as:
Car and Motorcycle Parking : Free
Toilet: Free
One Bunch of Firewood: Rp. 20,000
Lake Batur Mujair Fish Fresh / Raw: Rp. 45,000 / kg (For orders of 2 kg or more the price is Rp. 40,000)

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