9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida – Exactly the latest tours and being hits are indeed very interesting to visit immediately, especially during the holiday season, such as going to Nusa Penida. But for a vacation there, of course, you need a recommendation for a cheap villa in Nusa Penida that fits in your pocket.

The reason is that taking a vacation to Nusa Penida is not possible for just one day because the trip is far and you are not free to enjoy the scenery. So by staying a few days in that place certainly gives the impression of being more comfortable when traveling.

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1.Relaxsoul Kubang Abang

When visiting Nusa Penida, you will not be satisfied if it is only for a short time, so you need to stay at least one night. One of the recommended villas is Relaxsoul Cubang Abang which is located on Jalan Raya Toya Pakeh.

The location of villa one is quite close to the Seganing Waterfall tourist attraction with views of the green mountains. even the price for staying at Villa Relaxsoul Cubang Abang is relatively cheap, around 180 thousand rupiahs to 400 thousand rupiahs per night.

Apart from that, this cheap villa in Nusa Penida also offers complete facilities such as BBQ facilities for the guests who stay. So that every guest comes to unwind after traveling and relax themselves by enjoying the mountain views.

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

2.Boga Segara Villa

If many people think that it costs a lot to be able to take a vacation to Nusa Penida, they are certainly wrong. This is because everyone can still take a vacation to Nusa Penida with a minimal budget to get the best facilities.

One of them is the problem of lodging, this tourist area does not only provide five-star to seven-star accommodation. But there are also cheap villas that provide various complete facilities such as at Boga Segara Villa.
With a price of 500 to 800 thousand rupiah each guest can enjoy a Balinese aesthetic room with complete facilities. This is because this villa uses wood material which dominates the building and has a thatch

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

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3.Tunjung Kuning Creative Villas

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

The next recommended cheap villa in Nusa Penida is Tunjung Kuning Creative Villas which is located on Jalan Banjar Anyar Sakti. The location of this villa is quite close to tourist objects in the Bali Gods area.

With a standard price of 700 thousand rupiah per night, every guest can enjoy a villa with a luxurious feel. The concept of the villa building both from inside and outside looks very charming and elegant so it makes you comfortable.

Even the facilities offered are also complete, starting from comfortable room facilities, bathrooms, air conditioning in the rooms, and televisions. In addition, every guest who stays can also enjoy the facilities of an outdoor swimming pool, 24-hour front desk, cleaning services, and a food court.

4.Rawman Guest House

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

The villa is one of the important requirements when planning a tour to Nusa Penida Bali to make it more comfortable. The reason is that it is impossible to come to Nusa Penida without having to stay overnight because there are many tourist attractions that must be visited.

One of the cheap villas in Nusa Penida which is highly recommended for tourists is the Rawman Guest House. This one villa is classified as very cheap with quite complete facilities so that it can be included in the lodging list.

With a price of around 170 thousand rupiah, every guest can enjoy simple lodging with a natural concept. It’s no wonder that many tourists often choose Rawman Guest House as the right choice.

5.Nusa Garden Bungalows

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

Usually many people think that lodging in Bali or Nusa Penida is expensive because it is a five-star property. However, not all accommodations such as villas are offered at high prices.

With a nightly price of under 150 thousand rupiah, guests can stay at Nusa Garden Bungalaw with qualified facilities. This one villa has a shape like an ordinary house so that guests will be comfortable and feel at home.

This cheap villa in Nusa Penida is perfect for lovers of traveling on a budget. Even so, the service from the villa is not inferior to a five-star hotel so that guests feel at home while staying.

6.Jose Stay

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

Cheap villas do not necessarily offer bad facilities, because many cheap villas offer a five-star feel. This includes the Nusa Penida area which is famous for being visited by many local and foreign tourists.

One of these cheap villas is Jose Stay which is located in Kampung Toya Pakeh, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, Bali. To stay at Jose Stay, guests only need to pay around 175 thousand rupiah per night, which is very cheap.

With this price, every guest can enjoy the various facilities available without missing it. Apart from that, Jose Stay also presents a beautiful view of Nusa Penida from the window so it is very entertaining.

7.Miko Bali bungalow

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

Miko Bali Bungalaw is one of the recommended accommodations when planning to take a tour to Nusa Penida. This cheap villa in Nusa Penida offers complete and comfortable villa facilities.

Starting with a comfortable bedroom, private bathroom, AC, TV, Wi-Fi, to breakfast for guests. In addition, there is a large swimming pool, cleaning services, ironing services, and many others.

Miko Bali Bungalaw is perfect for a temporary resting place when visiting Nusa Penida. Even presented beautiful natural scenery and friendly waiters to make guests feel at home to stay.

8.Nyuh Bengkok Tree House

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

The next cheap villa in Nusa Penida is Nyuh Bengkok Tree House, from the name this villa already sounds very unique. Even people will not be able to imagine the uniqueness of the concept of this one inn that is not ordinary.

The reason is that Nyuh Bengkok Tree House uses the natural concept of sleeping on a tree so it seems unique. Even so, guests can still get complete comfort and facilities while staying at this villa.

Lodging with natural nuances at affordable prices and providing complete facilities will make guests feel at home. Nyuh Bengkok Tree House is located on Jalan Sental Angin, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency.

9.Yasa Homestay & Glamping

9 Cheap Villa in Nusa Penida

The next cheap villa recommendation is Yasa Homestay & Glamping which is located on Jalan Raya Toya Pakeh, Nusa Penida District. To stay, guests can pay 200 thousand rupiah per night and enjoy the facilities available.

From the outside, this inn looks like an ordinary house, but the room inside still provides comfort for guests. Moreover, there are many chairs available to relax while enjoying the scenery in Nusa Penida.

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Those are the recommendations for cheap villas in Nusa Penida that must be included in the list when planning a vacation to the island of Nusa Penida. Inexpensive villas with beautiful natural views will provide comfort for long vacations there.

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