The Teletubbies Hills

The Teletubbies Hills

Vacationing is indeed a very pleasant activity to do, especially if you visit fun and beautiful places around you. one of the attractions that is very beautiful and worth your visit on the island of Bali is the Teletubbies Hills Nusa Penida.

For those of you who have experienced a childhood full of cartoons, then of course you are no stranger to teletubbies.

This super funny program with a wide and cool hill as a background, it turns out that it doesn’t only exist in the world of cartoons but also exists in the charm of the original tourist attraction in Nusa Penida.

These green and very beautiful hills are found on Nusa Penida with an extraordinarily beautiful charm and are very similar to the hills in the teletubbies cartoon, so it’s no wonder the hills in Nusa Penida are named Teletubbies hills.

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So far, Bali is indeed very famous as a tourist area which is very famous for the beauty it has.

The Teletubbies Hills

Visitors who come to Bali are not only visitors from within the country but are well known and have been visited by lots of tourists from abroad who enjoy the beauty and natural charm of Bali which is so beautiful, from the tip to the tip of Bali.

You can feel the sensation of beauty and comfort from your vacation.

This is indeed Bali, especially if you visit Nusa Penida, which is the southeastern part of the small island in Bali, where all corners are very beautiful and can give a pleasant holiday sensation.

The cool air is indeed an attraction for visiting this island, but for foreign tourists choosing this tourist attraction as a holiday object because the sun is very hot in Bali can fulfill the dream of foreign tourists to have brown skin.

The center of Bali and Nusa Penida are separated by a strait, for the location of the teletubbies hills tourist attraction, Nusa Penida itself is not far from the crossing center of Nusa Penida Island and the center of Bali.

To visit this place you will not find it difficult because there are lots of guides who will accompany your trip, but if you don’t want to hire a guide then you can directly ask the people around Nusa Penida.

Before the teletubbies hill was known by this name, previously it was better known as an area with hills called the gamal tree hill, because in this area a lot of gamal trees grow and are usually used as animal feed by local residents.

However, the name of this area changed because people saw that this hill was very similar to the hill in the Teletubbies cartoon, so to emphasize its uniqueness, this area was immediately named Teletubbies Hill.

Even though not all of these hill areas grow flat green grass like the hills in Teletubbies, there are some areas of land that are about 50 meters wide which are very flat with green grass that is so soft that it resembles the hills in the Teletubbies cartoon series so very perfect.

The Teletubbies Hills

Before you go on vacation to Bali, especially Nusa Penida, you can immediately listen to this article until the end because it will discuss the teletubbies hills of Nusa Penida, starting from how to get to the location to the facilities in Nusa Penida.

So that you can make a consideration of whether this cool hill on Nusa Penida meets your expectations or not.

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Access to the Teletubbies Hills Nusa Penida Location

To get to this Teletubbies Hill tourist attraction, you can start your journey from the port in the center of Bali, namely the port of Padang or the port of Sanur to travel to the island of Nusa Penida.

After you arrive on the island of Nusa Penida, you can then continue your journey to the tourist attraction by driving two or four wheels until you reach the border of Tanglad village and the border of Sekartaji village, which is the location of the most popular tourist attraction in Nusa Penida.

The distance from the crossing to the tourist attraction is about 25 km, so it will be faster if you use a two-wheeled vehicle because you can make the vehicle go faster when you ride a motorbike.

For those of you who want to visit this tourist attraction, it is recommended that you come during the rainy season because the grass will look greener and cleaner like the cartoon hill.

Teletubbies Hills Nusa Penida is a very cool place to contemplate and take photos, moreover you can set up a tent around the hill with the rule not on the hill because it will damage the hill if you fix the tent right on the hill.

So if you want to camp in this place then you can do it in the area around the hill, it will feel very pleasant to wake up in the morning to receive fresh air and such a beautiful view on the hill even though you are on an island.

The Teletubbies Hills

Even this hill is very safe and comfortable to be used as a very pleasant family vacation spot for you to visit. This teletubbies hill is a very beautiful tourist area especially for capturing this holiday moment.

Teletubbies Hills Nusa Penida Entrance Ticket Prices

At first the Teletubbies Hill was not opened as a tourist attraction which was free of charge, anyone who wanted to visit could enter without paying a ticket. But now that this place has become a tourist attraction that is so cool and so beautiful, you can only enter the area if you pay for a ticket.

For the ticket price that applies to you, a visitor to Teletubbies Hills, Nusa Penida, you have to pay a ticket worth 10 thousand rupiah for one visitor. With this price, it is quite cheap to enjoy this very beautiful view.

If you want to visit this place, you can get it every day whenever you want. However, when there are religious activities such as Nyepi Day, all tourist attractions or tourist objects are closed as a form of respect for the beliefs held by the Balinese people.

Teletubbies Hills Nusa Penida Facility

For this tourist attraction area, you will find several public facilities that you can enjoy and can immediately enjoy when you visit. Some of the facilities that you can enjoy, such as parking lots, food stalls, and public toilets that you will need when you are on vacation at this tourist spot.

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This is information regarding access, ticket prices and facilities that you can get when visiting the Teletubbies Hills Nusa Penida tourist attraction as the coolest place in Bali.

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